Aulean Civil War

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Aulean Civil War
Part of Fall of the Aulean Empire
Guerra boeres

Kalmish Rebels

DateSeptember 26th 1910 – April 14th 1933
ResultIngerland/Republic victory
  • Kalmian Rebels form Kalmian Autonomous provinces
  • Republic of Auleus formed
Territorial changesEmpire of Auleus disolved, new Republic of Auleus formed in modern boundaries
ActionRepublic of Auleus formed
Flag3.jpgAulean Empire
PofM.jpgPrincipality of Melker
RoB.jpgRoyaume de Bioncourt
RAFL.jpegRoyal Aulean Foreign Legion
Margraviate of Sudestia flag.jpegMargraviate of Sudestia
AS flag.jpgAuleus Socialist
AR.jpgRepublic of Auleus
Commanders and leaders
Flag3.jpgEmperor Otto I

Flag3.jpgThomas von Krelis, Duke of Kalmburg

Flag3.jpgSir William von Nilsburg
Flag3.jpgSir George von Miks
PofM.jpgPrince Hermann von Abel
RoB.jpgKing François VIII
Margraviate of Sudestia flag.jpegGuillaume II
AS flag.jpgEdward Parish
AR.jpgTheodore Jefferson
Margraviate of Sudestia flag.jpegJames Welch
Imperial Auleus:
45,000 soldiers
Kalmian Rebels:
5,000 soldiers
Ingerish Rebels
2,500 soldiers
Outer Regions
20,000 soldiers
Auleus Socialist: 15,000 soldiers
Republic of Auleus
10,000 soldiers
Ingerland: 5,000 soldiers
Casualties and losses
Military casualties: Around 30,000Military casualties: Around 10,000

The Aulean Civil War was a conflict in Auleus that cause the fall of the Aulean Empire. The war went for 23 years.