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Colonial Market is a supermarket chain primarily located in the East Coast Region of the Federal States. Headquartered in Burgundyville, BC, the company currently has several locations in Arghenna, Arlington, Boscainifornio, Laine, Penquisset and Whitestone, but is looking to expand farther down the east coast. The company was founded in 1893 by John J. Greenwood, an entrepreneur living in Burgundyville. After taking the company public in 1921, new locations began popping up on Boscainifornio. In 1953, the company opened its first franchised store in Allen, Arlington. The company continues to grow primarily along the eastern coast. His first store, located on 20 Main Street in his hometown, is still open to this day.

Colonial Market Inc.
IndustryGrocery retail
FounderJohn J. Greenwood
Headquarters17 Courthouse Road, Burgundyville, Boscainifornio
Area Served Northeast Region
Key PeopleMikael K. Greenwood, CEO
ProductsBakery, dairy, deli, frozen foods, general merchandise, grocery, meat, pharmacy, produce, seafood, snacks
Service(s)Utilities, licenses
Number of employees14,000

List of Locations in Federal States of Archanta

Address City State Year Opened
20 Main Street Burgundyville Boscainifornio 1893
6 Park Street Ventura Boscainifornio 1899
1 Northtown Drive Sandstown Boscainifornio 1901
12 Deparko Road Deparko Boscainifornio 1900
18 Burnt Forest Road Rift Point Boscainifornio 1987
13 Spring Drive Springrose Landing Boscainifornio 1921
13 Commerce Street Riverun Boscainifornio 1969
11 Jannette Street Yorksey Boscainifornio 1971
89 Greeko Street Downtown, Bonnaventure Boscainifornio 1988
118 Arlington Street Grenadine, Bonnaventure Boscainifornio 1989
2076 Norchester Street Cocao Beach Boscainifornio 2006
4467 Market Center Boulevard Clayton Mills Boscainifornio 2011
1242 Penquisset Scenic Highway Pelwick Penquisset
2310 Greenbush Highway Chilmark Penquisset
348 Main Street Swampscott Penquisset
14029 Coastal Highway Allen Arlington 1953
4931 Tucker Street Clayton Arlington
2186 Congress Street Hammond Arghenna
88 Maple Street Lafayette Whitestone
398 East 25th Avenue Orterrado Laine 2017

Map of Colonial Market Locations