Colony of Esterlon

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Colony of Esterlon
Flag Coat of arms
God save the King/Queen
God save the King/Queen
Capital Administered from Winburgh, Ingerland
Languages Ingerish, Native Esterlonian Languages
Government Crown Colony under a Constitutional monarchy
 • 1655-1688 Earnest I (First)
 • 1829-1868 Charlotte (Last)
 • 1655-1682- David Johnston (First)
 • 1859-1868 Elizabeth Warren
Legislature General Assembly of the Province of Esterlon.
Historical era 1767-1868
 • Formation of Ingerish Colony of Esterlon 26 March 1655
 • Dominion and Home Rule Act passed in the Ingerish Parliment 15 May 1868
Currency Ingerish Taller
Today part of Esterlonflag1.png Esterlon

Ingerish Commonwealth flag.png Ingerish Commonwealth

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