Constitution of Freedom

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The Constitution of Freedom, written in 1378, was the first written governmental document of the Kingdom of Pretany and the first constitutional confirmation of the crown of Pretany. The constitution, like the strongly worded Inaran proclamations before it claimed the lands of Pretany as solely belonging to the crown of Duke Beglidere and his descendants for eternity. The constitution was modeled after Garlian and Inaran proclamations and the document insisted on the subjugation of all of the tribes of Pretany within a land area from "Port Emporia to the Great Egyts". The document was completely written in Standard Pretanic and with the context of making Pretanic the main language of the newly formed country, at the detriment of all other tribal languages. This was a failed approach when the document was translated multiple times over the centuries into the other languages including Ingerish with multiple grandiose liberties taken with the verbiage.

Standard Pretanic

"Eall folde west of Port Emporia ond sūth of the eacen wæter of Sunada, æt the eacen Egyts nu unchungen belimpan æt the cyning of Pretany. þas eard willa ne awendan hands þorh unlukken ond wīcan Pretanic sacu bī wyrre."


"All lands west of Port Emporia and south of the large bay of Sunada, to the great Egyts now irrevocably belong to the crown of Pretany. These lands will not change through either blood nor shame, and can only be taken through the misfortuned and weakened Pretanic cause by war."

The phrase, "through either blood nor shame" came later, nearing the 17th century and language like that came with great fanfare and endured into the modern era.