Costa Dorada

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State of Costa Dorada
Costa Dorada
Constituent state ofFlag of the FSA.svg Federal States
CapitalFort Harris
Largest cityScottsboro
Official languagesIngerish
DemonymCosta Doradan
 • GovernorTBD
LegislatureCosta Dorada Legislature
 • Upper houseSenate
 • Lower houseHouse of Representatives
 • Total54,182.60 km2
20,920.02 sq mi
 • Estimate (TBD)TBD
 • DensityTBD/km2
TBD/sq mi
 • TotalTBD
 • Per capitaTBD
TimezoneWUT +9

Costa Dorada is a state in the Far Northwest Region of the Federal States. The capital city is Fort Harris, while the largest city and metropolitan area is Scottsboro. Costa Dorada contains the northernmost point in the Federal States. It is bordered by Tempache to the west, AR120-74 to the south and the Mecynian Gulf to the north and east.

The western regions of the state are generally hot deserts and semi-arid climates. These regions have several mountain ranges, as well as large valleys. The coastal regions are generally dry subtropical climates with hot summers and a relatively rainy season in the winter. The length of the rainy season and the average amount of precipation generally increases further north along the coast. Due to dry summers, significant irrigation infrastructure is necessary to sustain the state's agricultural industry. Eastern coastal regions generally have flat terrain extending as far as 45 miles inland, which is the region that is home to the majority of Costa Dorada's population and agriculture.



The economy of Costa Dorada is somewhat diverse. The state was dependent on gold mining in it's early history; however, the economy has shifted towards mining of other minerals, mainly iron and coal. Today, mining remains as one of the most important industries in the state. In addition, tourism, military, transportation and agriculture are also major industries. Costa Dorada's economy is one of the fastest growing in the country; however, most of the growth is concentrated in urban areas along the east coast between Scottsboro and Billings Beach, as well as around Golden Valley and Bennett.


Mining has historically been the dominant industry in the state. In the state's early history, gold mining was the main driver of economic growth. By the early 20th century, the state's economy was shifting towards iron and coal mines. Towards the end of the 20th century, the coal mining industry was declining. As a result of Costa Dorada's dependence on mining, the economy has experience significant booms and busts.


Much of Costa Dorada's tourism industry is based on the state's hot and generally dry climate. The state's coastal areas have many popular beaches with resorts, hotels, casinos, restaurants and nightclubs serving tourists. The epicenter of the state's tourism industry is the city of Scottsboro, which has a large entertainment district with many nightclubs and restaurants, as well as a major cruise ship terminal and the state's busiest airport.

The Kibsy Canyon National Park is the most popular tourist attraction in western Costa Dorada. The region around the park, especially to the east, is sparsely populated. Most tourists access the park by driving from Los Reyes, while shuttle buses are available from Bennett to the park.



Costa Dorada benefits from it's proximity to the Canal of Mecyna and the busy shipping routes through the Mecynian Gulf. The Port of Scottsboro is one of the busiest ports in the western Federal States due to it's location and it's coal terminals, which handle the majority of the state's coal exports.


The state's agriculture is based on citrus, wine, cotton, tobacco and cattle ranching.




Largest cities in Costa Dorada

Rank Name County Population (2019 estimate) Population (2010) Population (2000) Land area (miles squared) Population Density
1 Scottsboro Douglas 240,219 224,885 197,945 77.59 3,096.00
2 Fort Harris Harris
3 Golden Valley Dunlop 56,218 40,166 26,401
4 North Scottsboro Del Rio 29,573 30,184 31,018 10.41 2,840.83
5 Fort Dover Dover 24,537 23,194 22,377
6 Bennett San Pablo 14,567


Federal Routes

FS-90 runs 178 miles across the state, passing through the cities of Fort Harris and Scottsboro, as well as the outskirts of Golden Valley. FS-90 south of Downtown Scottsboro is the most heavily travelled road in the state. FS-290 is a bypass route of FS-90 through Fort Harris and Scottsboro, shortening the route across the state by over 30 miles and bypassing the most congested sections of FS-90.

State Routes

CD-97 is Costa Dorada's most heavily travelled state highway. This route is a freeway through Downtown Scottsboro and its northern suburbs. The highway continues north to Fort Dover as a multi-lane highway. The route continues south out of Downtown Scottsboro as Westwood Trail, a six lane highway with at-grade intersections the state plans to upgrade to freeway standards in the future.

CD-93 is a route that serves as a bypass of Downtown Scottsboro. The long-term plan for CD-93 is for it to be a freeway the entire route from CD-97 in the northern suburbs of Scottsboro to FS-90 in the southeastern suburbs. Currently, at-grade intersections still exist throughout the route and few intersections have been upgraded to freeway standard.

CD-60 is the most direct route between Los Reyes and Bisantico. However, this route generally takes longer than FS-90 and FS-290 due to the windy mountainous sections.

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