Craddock Botanic Gardens

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Craddock Botanic Gardens, landscaped between 1744 and 1811, is the most significant collection of plants in Wiwaxia.

The Lily Pond, Craddock Botanic Gardens

The Gardens

Craddock Botanic Gardens were originally part of the estate of Lady Craddock. They were deeded to Lasswade University in 1722 in honour of Wiwaxian independence and the crowning of the Countess of Penge as Queen Eglantine I. The new queen at the same time granted a charter for the establishment of the College of Horticulture. When Lady Craddock died in 1744, she left Craddock Palace to the university, which was used to house the new College of Horticulture. It was at this time that the landscaping was begun. As with most botanical gardens, the fulfilment of the design was a long-term process and the grounds weren't finished until 1811. Aside from some minor changes and updating, the gardens have maintained much the same character since 1811.

The grounds are laid out with a variety of subtropical plantings, centered around the large Lily Pond in the middle of the park.

Craddock Arboretum

Adjacent to the Craddock Botanic Gardens is the Craddock Arboretum. Originally Craddock Wood, it was deeded to the University with Craddock Palace. The trees in the arboretum represent a wide range of trees native to Wiwaxia; there is also a section with trees native to Archanta and Tarephia.