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8, -24.68, 122.25
Republic of Crenru
"Creatures of Life from Land to Sea"
O Land of Honour
CapitalRoger's City (63,000)
Largest cityDiamond Coast (600,000)
Official languagesIngerish
 • Regional languagesIngerish Aborgongial Elhadian
 • Prime Minister of CrenruBenjamin Walker
 • PresidentRob Morrison
 • Chief JusticeTrenton Rybourne
LegislatureFederal Legislature of Crenru
 • Upper houseHouse of Impairment
 • Lower houseHigh Court
 • Total74,037 km2
28,586 sq mi
 • Estimate10,130,873
GDP (PPP)2019
 • Total$0.870 trillion
 • Per capita$58,397
GDP (nominal)2019
 • Total$0.948 trillion
 • Per capita$67,709

Crenru is located on the Gwinian Peninsula in central Archanta, with the Sirenoa Desert to the west and the Gwinian Sea to the east. The land area 28,586 square miles with a population of over 10 million recently. Most of the population belongs to the eastern edge close to the Gwinian Sea.


With a population of 10,330,873, a staggering growth of 7 million since the 2010 Census. It's largest city, Diamond Coast and it's suburbs are rapidly growing while other cities are either starting to plateau. 93% of Crenru's population lives in an urban area. Migrants from Commonia have been flooding Crenru for the past 70 years. The last five years has been exceptionally growing. The most apealing places are by the coast. Massive urban devolpment has taxed the enviroment Three years ago, an urban movement called The Promenade Plan ws set for millions upon millions of people to get jobs, a home, and to create city between Roger's City and Diamond Coast. This is what it's impact made.


Crenru runs on a Parliamentary Government, it's prime minister is Benjamin Walker who was elected in the 2017 and up for election in 2021. Crenru is also a republic which has a president. Rob Morrison currently holds the spot until reelection in 2021. The senate has 30 members, and the parliament has 100 members. This number will hold until the country reaches 3 million. The Parliament is the upper house in the House of Commons.


Crenru is in the debate of developing regions. Some say the country is to small and states, or counties are unnecessary. Others say it would benefit cultures and customs to differentiate. So far, three unofficial regions have been plotted in the country; Desertside, Promenade, and the Capital Region.


Crenru has had rich history over the last 90 years, and it has created a blend of old Aborgongial and modern Crenru-Commonian cultures today.


Before 1930, Crenru was an isolated territory named AR059 by the world that was home to native Aborgonies. Until on August 10th, 1930, explorers from northern Commonia settled on the island ran by Captain Roger Barry. More settlers moved in drawn by the natural beauty and the fertile soil by the coast.

Crenru is born

However, conflict between the natives and the settlers rose and a mini war lasted for about eight years until a treaty was signed on September 2nd, 1943 where General John Milner and Aborgongie leader Bajerrang signed a treaty in Memorial Square to have Crenru become a new country. The first settlement was named Roger's City that was a tribute to the Captain of the first voyage to the country.


Roads are the main form to go across the country. Rails are being developed but only run to about 70% of the population. Cities out in the desert have to rely on roads. There are only two major airports that operate in the country and more are being proposed in cities lke Barker's Lake and Truganini-Coopermera.

Diamond Coast transportation problem

Motorways are a problem in Metro Diamond Coast because there is not enough for a rapid growing population. Traffic jams are getting more frequent and new motorways would have to be far out of the city because of residential and commercial lots taking up places too quickly.


Cricket, soccer, and futsal are the most popular sports in Crenru.


This was the original sport for Crenru but is losing popularity due to growing popularity of soccer and espessialy futsal. The Cricket major league was canceled last year due to the lack of venues. Their national team still competes in Kangaroo City and Diamond Coast in their Green-Yellow and Blue.


Soccer recently surpassed Cricket in the most popular sport. A major league has been running for ten years and have twelve teams so far. here are the teams in the CSL. (Marungo Forest primary includes Morren, Moratouga, and Wecome, and Promenade Coast is located in Waraorbora.)

City Team Name Stadium
Diamond Coast Sailors Lagoonside Stadium
Diamond Coast Hawks Lagoonside Stadium
Banega Gladiators Waley Stadium
Kangaroo City Roos Superplex Stadium, Olympic Park
Roger's City Eagles Barry Stadium
Barker's Lake Falcons Camp Glenn Stadium
Truganini-Summerland Bandits Outback Stadium
Coopermera-Yurango Ranchers Norson Stadium
Wolanga Pirates Braddington Stadium
Indigo-Coast Haven Sharks Mackey Stadium
Marungo Forest Pioneers Bromer Park Stadium
Prominade Coast Lobsters Caraby Stadium

The national team plays in Olympic Park, Braddington Stadium, or Lagoonside Stadium in their Green-Yellow and Blue.


Futsal is an indoor form of soccer played on a wood surface, there is an unofficial major league and minor league played in about 30 locations. The national team started five years ago and they compete in MB arena in Olympic Park, Kangaroo City in their Yellow-Green and Blue

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