Crowned Republic of Calenopolis

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6, -13.400, 44.978
Crowned Republic of Calenopolis
Rem de Calenopolis
FlagCoat of arms
"Stantes Sustinere"
To Stand and Withstand
Gloria Patriam
and largest city
Official languagesCaleian - a form of Latin
NationalitiesCaleian (90%), Argalean (5%) , Natives (5%)
GovernmentUnitary praliamentary constitutional Monarchy, Crowned Republic
 • MonarchOphira II. the Great
 • Regentprincess Maria Octavia
 • Prime MinisterAdamus Octavian
 • Upper houseHouse of Lords
 • Lower houseHouse of Commons
GDP (nominal)2016
 • Per capita$43,600 million
HDIIncrease 0.890
very high
CurrencyRoyal Dime (Ч)
Drives on theright

Crowned Republic of Calenopolis , also known simply as Calenopolis is a nation , located on the Tartephia continent, right by the sea of Uthyra. It shares borders with ATA93 and TA092b. It is known as a peace loving , cosmopolitan nation with beautiful nature and coastal areas Its capital city is the City of Calenopolis.


Calenopolis covers an area of 24,273 km². This area is deviited on

  • Woods:
  • Grassland:
  • Orchards and Vineyards:
  • Farmland:
  • Lakes:
  • Quarries:
  • Towns, Streets, Railways etc:


Calenopolis has a population of 4,22 million . Most of the people live in cities, however many people still live on the countryside. The density of population is quite equal, except on the East part of the country, because of it mountainious terrain. 38 % of people are not religious, 40 % are roman-catholic christians, 17 % are lutherian christians and 5 % belongs to other religions (from them = christian free church 1,5 %, islamic 1,5 %, yewish 0,8 %, hinduistic, bhuddistic and others). 90% of the population describes it self as Calean , while 5% as Argalean and 5% as a Native Tribe.


Calenopolis is a Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy - A Crowned Republic.To participate in elections you must be 18 years. You must be 25+ years, in order to participate in politics and 40 years, to be president. Monarch can only be those , who are a legal member of the Royal Family .


The Parliament now has 1451 members. It is divided on the Upper house - House of Lords (801) and the Lower house - House of Commons(650). Elections take place every 5 years, while coronations take place after the monarch passes away of declines the throne.

From "right" to "left" the parties in the Parliament today are :

   still counting

Prime Minister

Our current PM is Adamus Octavian. He is in this position since 2015 till around 2019 when next elections will take place.


  • Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food
  • Ministry of Culture
  • Ministry of Defence
  • Ministry of Economic Development and Technology
  • Ministry of Education, Science and Sport
  • Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning
  • Ministry of Finance
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Ministry of Health
  • Ministry of Infrastructure
  • Ministry of the Interior
  • Ministry of Justice
  • Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities
  • Ministry of Public Administration

International Relations

Calenopolis is a peace-loving state. It is currently working on big international projects and annually opens embassies . Calenopolis is always prepaired, to work with other nations in international organisations. Nevertheless it has suitable Military areas and an army . No more details are known about its military power, however it supposedly has nuclear power.



Present-day Calenopolis has been inhabited since Prehistoric times. There is an evidence of human habitation from around 250,000 years ago. Several tribes lived in small settlements, scattered all around the land. 

Relics and other interesting objects have been found such as the Lavrium Flute, which is currently known as one of the oldest examples of instruments in the world.


More and more tribes migrated to this tropical valley, especially after the great forest fire in 568 AD. King Ikaros , leader of the Ikara tribe, united his tribe with the Islar Tribe, wast forming the first known nation in the history of Caleians , called Isara. The nation was formed as defence against barbaric tribes who were looting the areas at the time. ( 623-700AD)


In around 700AD, 3 more tribes were added to the Isara (Clears, Osterians, Cletroans ) , which then caused the nation to rename it self into Celeria, who drastically expanded towards the south-west and north-east, taking over the exact shape as todays Calenopolis. Majestic roman like cities were being built all around the nation. This era is known as the 1st golden age of Caleians, and it lasted till 900ad when the Modern Period evolved.


In the middle ages , the empires foregin relations were highly speed up. International trade routes and Embassies evolved, causing greater international recognition. In this period the empire was first introduced to female monarchs Caria de Rosa I. The nation remained in peace until the War of Crowns I 1400AD.