Croxton River

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The Croxton River, is a long River in Pretany. It's source is in Ísztianország in the Northeast Egyt Mountains. and flows through Csormas, and Helesfervar. Once it enters Pretany it flows near Bevelle, Croxtonshire, then through Croxton Northwall, Pitt, then forms a border between Drambia, Croxtonshire, and Claydonshire. The River then flows into the Great Rift Deltas, near the city of Makanda, through the northern suburbs of Port Welsh, forms a border between Augustside and East Emporia and empties into the Great Rift Sound in downtown Port Emporia. The River is one of the longest in the world and has been a major commercial waterway between Pretany and Ísztianország for centuries. Over 24 million people reside on it's banks.