Cruz y Lopez Prize

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This prize is given every two years, sponsored by:

Named after the engineer and architect Ernesto Cruz y Lopez (1802-1878), the prize is given for important examples of new or innovative or simply visually stunning works of architecture or urban development. The first prize was given in 1952 on the occasion of his 150th birthday at the Universidad Cordoba. The jury rotates among the three universities.

year prize-winner university object map remarks
1952 Cordoba
1954 Herbert
1956 Quentins State
1958 Cordoba
1960 Herbert
1962 Quentins State
1964 Cordoba
1966 Herbert
1968 Quentins State
1970 Cordoba
1972 Herbert
1974 Quentins State
1976 Cordoba
1978 Herbert
1980 Lucia Baldwin Quentins State Prose Park Secular Humanism Society Building, Lydgate, Wiwaxia map
1982 Cordoba
1984 Herbert
1986 Quentins State
1988 Cordoba
1990 Cynthia Meltsner Herbert One Fredrick Tower, Quentinsburgh, Freedemia map
1992 Quentins State
1994 Cordoba
1996 Herbert
1998 Quentins State
2000 Cordoba
2002 Herbert
2004 Quentins State
2006 Cordoba
2008 Herbert
2010 Susan Farmer Associates Quentins State renovation of the Matchless Palace, Wiwaxmouthe, Wiwaxia map
2012 Conradi Guzman Cordoba junction of motorways 18, 26 and 31 near Redondo map The winner was considered controversial since traditionally the prize was given to a building not in the jury's same country.
2014 Herbert
2016 Bedřich Jinotaj Quentins State UDB Natural Sciences Faculty building in Drahany, Drabantia map
2018 Bläs und Partner Cordoba Mergan nation pavilion at the Expomondiale 2018 in Tarott, Kalm map