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Cuart (shorter = Cuat) Rensenbrink (1832 - 1868) is a national hero in Zylanda. Born 1832 in Superbia, now named Rensenbrink as a son of a carpenter, he was a student of the rights at the university in Elegantia. In 1844 he began to work as lawyer. In 1855 he was elected from King Gerald IV (1844 - 1868) in the "Kings Assembly" (a sort of parliament, but only half of the members are elected from the richer people, the other half from the king). After a while here he set sharp words for the freedom of the society as in other countries are. So Rensenbrink was imprisoned in 1858 for the next four years.

Set free in 1862, he continued his agitation in the underground. His party "Frii folk" (free folk) grow more and more and the government of King Gerald IV gets more and more problems with the civil opposition and obstruction.

In 1864 - by collecting a new super-tax, the riots began in the south. The now open leader was Cuart Rensenbrink with an army of 12,000 men. In a first step they set the power in the province Syd (south) and the Plattland (flat land). In October 1865 they marched to Elegantia, but the troops of the king stayed and so next the revolutionaries went southeast to the Heugels (hills land) and liberated this province.

In the years 1866 and 1867 there were only small skirmish around of Elegantia, but soon in the other provinces under the kings control here and there are little fights, which give enough problems to the troops of the king. So then in April 1868 the army of Rensenbrink marched into Elegantia and the king retired at the northern shore of the Røde Sund (red strait), to flee away in exile.

Here Rensenbrink at the front of his troops found the king of Prøkniland, waiting for his ship. But it was ebbtide and so he must stay. Rensenbrink has the opinion, to take the king as prisoner. But King Gerald with the rest of his troops began to fight. So Rensenbrink himself killed the king with his dagger. Few moments later he himself was dead in the struggle with the troops of the king. To remember this event, the dagger of Rensenbrink was placed in the flag of Zylanda.

Rensenbrink is buried in the Rensenbrink Memorial in Elegantia. To his honour the town of Superbia gets the new name Rensenbrink.