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Culpepper is a state in the Southeast Region of the Federal States. The northern part of the state is within the Stanton metropolitan area.

State of Culpepper
Constituent state ofFlag of the FSA.svg Federal States
Largest cityDivinity's Grace
Official languagesIngerish


Culpepper was founded by Ingerish religious dissenters led by Alexandre Williams and Elijah Ellis in 1662. Williams founded the inland settlement of Hearthsbridge, while the deeply pious Ellis and his daughter the influential writer and theologian Addison Ellis Drake founded Divinity's Grace on the coast. Ellis also founded there the seminary--and later great university--that bears his name in 1674. Ellis University is the second-oldest institution of higher learning in the FSA, after Halesworth University in Passamaqueets.

The dissenting church they followed remains today as the Egalitarian Church, as do the values of tolerance, openness, and patience they espoused. Most towns have an Egalitarian Church at their heart.

Culpepper thrived during the industrial age, and was a source of garments, firearms, engines, and more. The capital city of Hearthsbridge was a manufacturing center in the late 1800s, and grew wealthy. After the 1950s the manufacturing industry went into steep decline.


Culpepper has experienced a revival as an education and financial center, and Hearthsbridge and Raidenne are home to several large corporate headquarters such as Noble/Crystalline Motors.


Culpepper state highway shield



Culpepper is served by five motorways that are part of the Federal States Defense and Commerce Motorway Network (FSDCMN). FS-1 runs northwest to southeast along the coast, passing through Divinity's Grace. FS-11 runs north to south from the New Carnaby border at Raidenne to Handwick on the border with Astrantia. FS-16 runs east to west across the central part of the state from New Carnaby to Oakley, intersecting FS-11 at Hearthsbridge.

FS-616 is a beltway around the northeastern section of Hearthsbridge. FS-301 is a spur from Divinity's Grace to Raidenne.

There are several other motorways that are part of the state road network, such as CR-10 and CR-14.

CR-7, also known as the Sollendane River Parkway, runs in a loop south of Raidenne and is the only toll road in the state.

State Highway Network

Culpepper's state highway network connects all corners of the state, and includes motorways, primary highways, secondary highways, and several tertiary roads. The state highway network is maintained by the Culpepper Department of Transportation.


Culpepper Metro Commuter Rail

CMCR system map
Culpepper Metro Commuter Rail (CMCR) is the major passenger carrier in the state, functioning as a commuter service from central and northern Culpepper to the Stanton metro area. CMCR is run by the Culpepper Department of Transportation, and has two separate lines that converge at Raidenne. The CMCR carried 3.1 million passengers in 2017.

The CMCR is the successor to the Hearthsbridge, Raidenne and Stanton Railway and the Northern Culpepper Railway, both of which provided passenger service from Culpepper to Stanton. The two companies were taken over by the state in 1977, and were rebranded as the Culpepper Metro Commuter Rail.

Culpepper Metro Commuter Rail logo
The Hearthsbridge Line runs 81 miles from Hearthsbridge Union Station to Stanton Southern Station, with station stops at Raidenne-State Street, North Darran, Darran Center, Darransville, Larwick, West Millford, Allison, North Stellemore, Stellemore, Williamsville, Southbridge, and Hearthsbridge.

The Reydon Line runs 76 miles from Reydon to Stanton Southern Station, with stops at Federal Hill, Huntington Heights, Harlington, Sawyers, Highland, Pressburgh, Acorn Landing, and Reydon.

Both lines function as express trains through most of New Carnaby, with station stops at Sadikady, Belleville Stanton Airport, and Stanton Southern Station only.

Three former CMCR lines are no longer in service. The "East Darran Spur" connected Raidenne to Confluence, but passenger service was decommissioned in 1968. The track is now abandoned, and part of the former line has been turned into the East Darran Rail Trail Linear Park. A line from Raidenne to Divinity's Grace ended passenger service in 1972, though freight rail still uses the track. A line to Tarton, New Carnaby, was part of the CMCR system until the 1980s. This line is currently used by the New Carnaby Metronome Railway for twice-daily service from Stanton to the Six Lakes region, with no stops in Culpepper.

Future plans for the CMCR system include the potential reactivation of the Divinity's Grace line and the extension of the Reydon Line to Oakley's commuter rail system. Plans to extend the Hearthsbridge line south to the University of Culpepper at Percyham have long been advocated by legislators from the southern third of the state, with little success.

National Rail

Divinity's Grace is served by the national passenger rail network which runs along the coast.

Light Rail

Hearthsbridge has a single light rail line that runs from Union Station downtown to Hearthsbridge-Falkirk Airport.


Culpepper's major airport is Hearthsbridge-Falkirk Airport, which is located in the town of Falkirk just to the southwest of Hearthsbridge. The airport can be accessed via FS-16 or via light rail from downtown Hearthsbridge.

Northern Culpepper is served by Belleville-Stanton Airport in Belleville, New Carnaby. The Divinity's Grace area is served by August Georgington Airport in Oakley.

There are a number of noncommercial airports throughout the rest of the state.

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