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Cyclo Electronics Corp.
Traded asCSE: CYC
Computer hardware
Computer software
Consumer electronics
Headquarters1 Willton Drive,
San MateoVerona,
Area servedWorldwide
Key people
John Acclay (CEO)
Penelope Kremish (Chairman)
Arnold Chasno (CDO)
Neil Coshby (CFO)
RevenueIncrease PY$82.35 billion (2015)
Operating incomeIncrease PY$24.88 billion (2015)
Net incomeIncrease PY$20.63 billion (2015)
Total assetsIncrease PY$142.52 billion (2015)
Total equityIncrease PY$106.12 billion (2015)
Number of employeesIncrease 78,000 (2015)
SubsidiariesCyclo Sorios
SloganSimply clever

Cyclo Electronics Corp. is a large Paroyan multinational technology and consumer electronics company headquatered in San Mateo, Verona and a manufacturer of consumer electronics, computer hardware and software and web services. It's best known for it's hardware like Cyclo Phone, CycloBook and Cyclone, operating systems like Cyclo Yate, Cyclo OS and lots of software made for those operating systems.

Recent Cyclo Phone Y5 model

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