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Cygagon is a country in Northern Antarephia.

6, -24.827, 19.028
The Federation of Cygagon
Cygagon Federation
FlagThe Newest Coat Of Arms, 1999
FlagCoat of arms
"Peace & Unity (on flag)"
We Are One
CapitalPoint Fern
Largest cityPoint Fern
Official languagesIngerish , Castallanese,Mazanic and Kra-Drain
 • National languagesThere is a massive variety.
 • Regional languagesThere is a few.
Ethnic Groups53% White , 24% Black , 13% Muslim and 10% Others
Nationalitieshuge variety
GovernmentEnviromental Democracy
 • PresidentLiam DuPage
 • Vice PresidentNajwa al-Ammar
LegislatureFern Towers
 • Upper housePeninsula House
 • Lower houseRoots House
 • TotalTBC km2
TBC sq mi
 • Water (%)0.64%
 • Estimate (2019)22,394,684
 • Census (2018)22,358,411
 • Density53/km2
112/sq mi
 • Total$19.4 Trillion Washdas
 • Per capita700,000
Drives on theleft


Rumors of Ancient Civilization

The Kra-Drain Colony is believed to be ancient , fending off Moltarcian tribes from reaching the lands of cygagon. there is a buddhist temple remain but no one is quite isn't very big of evidence because clearly they had to defend agains moltarcian tribes


The first civilization of Cygagon was Lai'uo'wea in Va'Anu. Lai'uo'wea was claimed by the Papai Tribe, Which are now a minor religion in Lai'uo'wea. Shortly after, Ingerish Fleet found Lai'uo'wea. The Battle of Antarephia Point happened there, in which multiple of each sides died , from cannons and muskets. A treaty was resolved, called the Mardler Treaty and the Ingerish's captain, Darren Mardler , colonized Antarephia Point Island, which is Lai'uo'wea's location. Ingerish is Lai'uo'wea's main language as of today. After the colonization, it was a race for Honorino, not far south. The Papai tribe seized the location before the Ingerish , causing another battle, the Honorino Battle. Darren Mardler died , as well as the Papai chief , Kahale Pohua.Both sides are buried together in the famous landmark , Power's End . Plenty of people died , but this town stayed Papai . The Papai tribe were too weak to colonize the mainland , but continued to colonize areas such as Nuku'dai'hu . The Ingerish tried put Honorino under siege in 1766 , but the Papai tribe overpowered them. The ingerish colonize the first Mainland territories , such as Lerryneyport in Suey County in Cape Somers State.


The Ingerish Colonies branch out into Point Fern State, colonizing places such as Caline. The first castellanese colonies land in Cashae ,Colonizing places such as Oryo and Teresina-llorar. Gerry Houston is appointed new Ingerish Fleet Captain. Lerryneyport becomes the Ingerish colony capital. In 1775 , A Franquese town begins , in Umbassa , called Cesaire-Vrois and is colonized.


Ingerish colonies go inland, colonizing places such as Mt. Ehvener in Cape Somers State. The first mountains are spotted. A 2nd Ingerish Colony land at cape somers itself , giving the 2 Ingerish-colonized areas the name of cape somers which is of today.The captain is called Scott Somers, which is why the cape is named after him.The Castallanese colony expands towards modern-day palotato, even hitting marsh at the settlement of Parana in Cashae.The franquese colony go along the coast , but don't make anymore settlements.


A Third Ingerish Colony land, with a captain called Colin Wick. They land in the modern boundaries of perugi.Castellan colonies expand inland.Franquese colonies expand and another Franquese colony land , in south modern point fern state boundaries, colonising Vinaselle.


The thai? colony lands in Modern-day Burnieside-Devonport calling the settlement khalnkami , which is still a suburb of Burnieside-Devonport. Ingerish colonies expand inland.The 2nd colony's huts burst into flames, in 1804 , in what-was Cherlicester. There was 1 casualty , and they go to the makeshift clinic in Lerryneyport.The solider dies before they make it. Castellanese colony makes a port at Oryo.


Khalhnkami quickly expanded , well becoming the largest city in Cygagon with 17,000 residents unlike lerryneyport with 12,000 residents.All colonies continue to grow.The iconic McMerill Pier is built outside Lerryneyport.In 1817 , a small port is built outside Khalnhkami .


Ingerish colonies discover lots of gold, in the Nelson Basin. Castellanese and Franquese colonies race to the gold site. The battle of Nelson happens , with lots of casualties.Castellanese soliders take the first gold , but all sides end up mining for gold. in 1823 , Babelic soliders and miners come to nelson basin.Franquese soliders secretley raid Lerryneyport, stealing gold and setting fire to the police station . The franquese also make the first map of cygagon , a rough outline. in 1824 , Papai tribe tries and fails to make it to mainland for gold. The natural feature of the Nelson basin is almost gone, because of the ammount of gold there is a jackpot.Many more groups come , and finishing off the nelson basin , the colonies go their own way. The city of Motena forms , not far from nelson basin. in 1826, Lerryneyport gets a runway.Mining continues , destroying up to 40% of the Valatue Ranges. The Valatue Ranges is the the northern range in Cape Somers.Zhan Huan , the babelic captain , destroys the non-babelic parts of Motena. Floods make the nelson basin a lake.The thai? send a colony to mine in 1827 , but are destroyed by Castallanese Troops. Franquese and Ingerish troops unite and destroy the babelic camps , killing several 1000 babelic miners and troops. Babelic forces retreat into the south of the Mountains , not to be seen for a very long time.Ingerish also steal from a Castallanese warehouse with gold , in revenge for the Lerryneyport Raids.In 1827 ,Pavparvarti fleet land in the location of St. Amadoli, which is still a City in Modern-Day Cygagon. They find the first oil, causing a 2nd Rush for Oil, but the Oil is gone before Franquese soliders make it to the Oil.In 1829 , Franquese colonies siege the early oil tankers , killing multiple workers, and plundering oil.


Parparvati Troops attack & plunder Vinaselle, franquese forces fail to save the town ,and the town becomes parparvati, under the name of Gujalkara , which it is of Today.Most Colonies expand, but the male population of Cygagon is going down, because of all of them working at mining sites. Women are left to keep the towns in good shape, except for a few troops and counsellors.The parparvati land not far from Khalnkhami ,in Jakh, as of today.Khalnhkami Explorers find gold , in a mountain range , starting yet another rush for the valuable material.Many tribes and colonies land to get their share of the gold rush. Kra-Drain forces keep small tribes at bay , including the Moltarcian tribe of Gren ,evidence was found in a pottle of yoghurt-like cup, which is the only object of food found in the site.Ingerish inventions are shipped to lerryneyport , to help the colonies expand faster.