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Dälotentais is the national anthem of Bloregia, composed by Edvarr Borretàn in 1905 with lyrics by Belosh Härrewile from 1907. The lyrics reflect the Biblical metaphors of clothing and undressing (e.g. 1 Cor 4:5, Col 3:12) and sowing and harvesting (e.g. Gal 6:7) applied to the moral uprising of the people as a basis for the prosperity of the country.


Dälotentais nysi asuhi!

Sylais arbot, nysi, floshewi!

Kemetussen et män gutent sen,

zuubeverden on justetussen

Ihilotentais persoitussen,

ärgyn, ih'hoipun, kontpanurin!

Guterpi lewun sont nappais, on

Surrue seis siew öll'n arbon

English translation:

Get dressed in a new outfit

Sow trees, new, flourishing

The future in front of me I see

Equality and justice

Undress of warfare,

hate, despair, the adversary!

Grab quickly a better life, and

you will see the tree grow