Dacres Ltd.

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Dacres Ltd.
Dacres Ltd. logo
HeadquartersWiwaxmouthe, Wiwaxia
Area Served International
Key PeopleWilla Spurgis, Managing Director
Service(s)department stores
DivisionsDacres Domestic
 Dacres International
PredecessorDacres Grand Emporium

Dacres Ltd. is the biggest department store chain in Wiwaxia. Founded by Maria, Lady Dacres, the original store opened in 1889 in Dacres under the name Dacres Grand Emporium. It was the first store of its kind to provide a broad range of merchandise, from clothes to furniture, and a second store opened in 1894 in Wiwaxmouthe on the Little Esplanade in Pharoah Square. In 1944, the name was officially changed to Dacres Ltd. In 2002, the chain went international with its first store in Villa Constituciòn in the Ardisphere.

Dacres Domestic

There are currently 28 stores in Wiwaxia, with three flagship stores: on the Grand Promenade in Wiwaxmouthe; across from the Great Station in Tilney; and on Knot Street Park in Lydgate.

Dacres International

There are now 8 stores in the Ardisphere, with more planned. After taking over the dying remnants (4 stores) of the famous but badly managed Narcisa Manosazules chain, with its landmark building across the street from the famous Zigurat Tower in the gentrifying Plaza de Armas (City Hall) neighborhood (map), they have been expanding rapidly.

In 2005, Dacres also opened a store in Stanncatt, Mergany.