Danhduong Transportation Limited

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Danhduong Transportation Limited
Founder郭正藏 Quách Chính Tạng
HeadquartersPhong Thinh
Area Served Worldwide
Key People莫庞运 Mạc Bàng Vận
 High-speed trains
 Intercity and commuter trains
 Trams and people's movers
 Signalling systems
 Platform Screen Doors and barriers
RevenueUS$ 14.24 billion (2018)
Operating IncomeUS$ 524 million (2018)
Net IncomeUS$ 213 million (2018)
Total AssetsUS$ 14.96 billion
Total EquityUS$ -2.56 billion
Number of employees39450

Danhduong Transportation Limited (Kuehongese: 公司责任有限交通运载名阳 Công ty trách nhiệm hữu hạn (TNHH) Giao thông vận tải Danh dương; Babelic: 名阳交通有限公司), is a Kuehongese multinational corporation involved in the rail vehicle and equipment manufacturing and servicing industry. Headquartered in Phong Thinh, Kuehong, it also has a number of regional offices, production and development facilities worldwide. The company is the main supplier of rolling stock for public transit systems in Kuehong and serves international clients as well.



Locomotive prodcution and maintenance site in Vang Ngat

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Locomotive maintenance site in Kattenden, Duncanheim Archantan main locomotive production and maintenance site
in Port Lagbard, Central Archanta

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Locomotive maintenance site in Gobras City, Gobrassanya

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Kuehongese National Railways

  • Vang Ngat Island Line: 2100, 2200, 2300, 2300A, 2300B series EMUs
  • Northern Kuehong Main Line: 281, 285, 287, 287C series EMUs

Kuehong Monorails & ATGs

Duncanheim National Rail

  • Friendship Locomotive series (commuter): 7DK, 8DK, 9DK
  • Freight: EF520, EF521 electric locomotives, DF100, DF101 diesel locomotives

Central Archantan Rail

  • Dash diesel locomotive series: Dash 1, Dash 2, Dash Centennial
  • SH electric locomotive series: SH "30", SH "31", SH "40"

Port Lagbard Metro

  • R62, R78, R78A, R108, R108C