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5, 53.5327932, 118.6850148
Kingdom of Darcodia
Regno di Darcodia
Flag of Darcodia
Largest cityBengonia
Official languagesDarcodian
NationalitiesDarcodian (87%), Other (13%)
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
 • MonarchGiacomo II of Darcodia
 • Prime MinisterMarta Pistoia
 • Upper houseSenate
 • Lower houseChamber of Deputies
 • Total656169.52 km2
TimezoneWUT + 7 h
CurrencyDarcodian lira (DCL)
Drives on theright
Internet TLD.da

Darcodia is a country in northeastern Uletha.



Rock painting of a shepherd among cows

Since stoneage native tribes lived in Darcodia (culture of "hornplayers"). In paleolithic most of them were nomads and lived in caves, but with the invention of agricolture they became sedentary and started to breed cows and goats.



Wars of independance

Reunification and Kingdom of Darcodia


Bordered to the West by Karolia and Zanyizzix, to the North by Neberly and to the East by Neberly, Latania and Karamska. To the South is touched by the sea. Darcodia has also an enclave: Peritan City.

General characteristics

Extreme points

Considering the current political boundaries, the extreme points of Darcodia are:

  • North: Splongeno
  • East: Mount Plinio
  • South: Plenia
  • West: Clinzio

Geographical center



The higher mountain in Darcodia is Monte Chiaro (3426 m), situated in Crondo province.





The biggest lake in Darcodia is Braccena Lake; other important lakes are Ferton Lake, Vittoria Lake, Malavasio Lake, Corteggio Lake, Frodo Lake and Freno Lake.

Seas and coasts



The Darcodian Constitution, approved in 1937, is the fundamental law of Darcodia.

The Darcodian political system is typical of a constitutional monarchy.

The major institutions are:

  • king (or queen) of Darcodia;
  • bicameral Parliament (Senate and Chamber of Deputies): it has the legislative power;
  • Government: consist of Prime Minister, ministers and Cabinet; it has the executive power;
  • magistracy: indipendent, it has the judicial power;
  • Constitutional Court: acts as the guarantor of the Constitution.


See King of Darcodia

Currently the throne of darcodia is covered by king Giacomo II of Darcodia, member of the House of Lantes and first son of king Enrico of Darcodia.

Line of succession to the Darcodian throne (House of Lantes)

  • Simple silver crown.svg Giacomo I of Darcodia (1890-1952)
  • Simple silver crown.svg Enrico of Darcodia, first son of King Giacomo I (1915-1989)
    • Simple gold crown.svg Giacomo II of Darcodia, first son of King Enrico and actual sovereign of Darcodia (b. 1940), married with Chiara Gerenzi
    • (5) Simone, Count of Sperio, second son of King Enrico (b. 1943)
      • (6) Dario, Viscount of Sperio, first son of Count Simone (b. 1965)
      • (7) Sara Lantes, second daughter of Count Simone (b. 1966)
      • (8) Simone Lantes, third son of Count Simone (b. 1968)
    • (9) Giulia, Countess of Liconia, third daughter of King Enrico (b. 1946)
      • (10) Luisa Splen, viscountess of Liconia, first daughter of Countess Giulia (b. 1973)
      • (11) Simone Splen, second son of Countess Giulia (b. 1976)
  • Giada, Duchess of Marzio, second daughter of King Giacomo I (1918-2000)
    • (12) Carlo, Prince of Marzio, first son of Duchess Giada (1941-1990)
      • (13) Maria, Duchess of Marzio, first daughter of Prince Carlo (b. 1964)
        • (14) Carlo, Count of Gorzo, first son of Duchess Maria (b. 1988)
        • (15) Giacomo, Count of Miriano, second son of Duchess Maria (b. 1992)
          • (16) Chiara, viscountess of Miriano, first daughter of Count Giacomo (b. 2014)
      • Serena, Duchess of Londia, second daughter of Prince Carlo (1968-1977)
      • (17) Gabriele, Duke of Crondo, third son of Prince Carlo (b. 1972)
        • (18) Lara, Countess of Primia, first daughter of Duke Gabriele (b. 1993)
        • (19) Paolo, Count of Dermio, second son of Duke Gabriele (b. 1996)
        • (20) Carlo, Count of Fribura, third son of Duke Gabriele (b. 2000)
    • (21) Giovanna, Princess of Crinzia, second daughter of Duchess Giada (b. 1943)
      • (22) Marco, Duke of Drupo, first son of Princess Giovanna (b. 1961)
        • (23) Giacomo, Count of Persete, first son of Duke Marco (b. 1989)
        • (24) Francesca, Countess of Olindo, second daughter of Duke Marco (b. 1992)
          • (25) Lorenzo, viscount of Ermedea, first son of Countess Francesca (b. 2013)
      • (26) Federica, Princess of Zorlana, second daughter of Princess Giovanna (b. 1965)
        • (27) Lorenzo, Count of Grazione, first son of Princess Federica (b. 1990)
Family tree
House of Lantes.jpg


The executive power is provided by the Government, consisting of Prime Minister, ministers and Cabinet (the latter is the sum of the other two). Goverments depends of trust of both the chambers of the Parliament.

Pistoia Government

The Current government is composed of:


The legislative power is in the hands of the Parliament, consisting of Senate and Chamber of Deputies.

President of Senate an President of Chamber of Deputies are, respectively, the second and the third offices of the State. They are Loredana Maggi and Davide Bianchi.

Judicial system


Darcodian provinces

Darcodia is divided into 22 provinces:

L code Province Capital Area
BE Bengonia Bengonia 3,347.94
CL Colonte 37,501.66
CZ Crinzia 19,256.55
CR Crondo Loriana 45,043.36
DM Dermio
DR Drupo 30,566.70
ER Ermedea
FR Fribura 32,058.28
GZ Gorzo Strenna
GR Grazione Filarete 38,103.24
LC Liconia 23,325.58
LO Londia Caselle 9,683.65
LU Luiana Pulla 16,834.74
MZ Marzio 34,633.51
MR Miriano 21,541.38
NC Nicala 14,860.53
OL Olindo Deriero 29,544.81
PE Persete 19,650.44
PM Pomezio 14,886.02
PR Primia Lanconte 28,298.07
SP Sperio Frendia 33,297.50
ZL Zorlana 48,591.67




Holydays and days of rest

  • 1st of January: New year day
  • Last Friday of February: End of winter day
  • Easter
  • Monday of Easter
  • 1st of May: Workers Day
  • 5th of June: Day of the nation
  • 2nd of August: Day of middle summer
  • 19th of November: King's birthday
  • 25th of December: Christmas, first day
  • 26th of December: Christmas, second day
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