Daulselon letter

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The Daulselon letter is a famous letter written by King Aswad of Antigo to the Inaran King Nork, which explains the halt of trade talks between Antigo and Inara. The letter had prompted Inara to launch a siege on Antigo City to remove the rebels. Antigoan historians, however, said the letter is a forgery written by Inara to 'justify its atrocities against Antigo'.


The letter, written sometime in mid-837 when King Aswad was in Daulselon, explained why trade talks halted. It was written in both Antigoan and Inaran. The extract below is the Ingerish translation of the letter.

"To dear respected Majesty King Nork of Inara, Peace to be with you. This letter is in response to ease your worries about the halting of trade dialogue between our nations. However, I am sorry to say that there have been unforeseen circumstances in my land. I hope to talk to you soon, but only after I have set my affairs in order. If the situation is desperate, send your troops to help me. Hope all is well with you. Yours Sincerely, King Aswad of Antigo"