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12, -17.1822, 43.7599
 • RegionMesa Tinto
Ethnic Groups
Latinians (81%), Natives (11%), Other (8%)
NationalitiesLatinans (92%), Other (8%)
 • MayorGeraldo Hanem
 • Vice MayorTacukipnan ("watching falcon")
 • Totalxyz km2
 • Urbanxyz km2
 • Ruralabc km2
Elevation200 m (600 ft)
 • Estimate (2014)917 000
 • Census (2011)914 644
 • Densityxyz/km2
eyz/sq mi
Postal Code6501 - 6515
Telephone Code065
Tram16 lines

Note = work in progress

Delta is a city at the southcoast of Latina. The town is the capital and greatest city of the province Mesa Tinto of Latina. Delta has 914 644 inhabitants (zensus 2011).

Delta lies at the mouth of the Rio Roberto and the Rio Hansa. Both rivers are the main rivers of the flat plain of the Mesa Tinto. The flag shows a green dragon - a remembrance of the swampy land, feared from the indigen people, who saw here living some monsters.


1519 Bernardo Battandor founded the town as an strong point and harbour at the southcoast. This today is part of the old town (Barrio # 1). To get good ground to build the houses, they let dig some canals in the wet swamp of the delta of both rivers. At the island Santa Katarina a part of the city-wall from the 1520ies can see til today.

The next centuries it was always the same play: Rich man of the town management buy cheap swampy land in the delta, the town let dig out canals and lay dry this area and then this land was selled to build houses. So some families get rich with this speculations and the town grow at the islands in the delta instead of the dry land at the eastern or western riverside. So the devellopement of the town til 1840 goes more to the north in the delta as to the west or east at the more expensif dry land. Because of the swampy underground in this area, on the islands of the delta are only few great houses - the most of them are only buildt with ground floor and second floor - only at the main roads with a third floor.

First in the 1850ies - with the first railway-lines, the town made the first steps to the land outside the islands of the delta (now barrios # 6 and 7).

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The last big speculation with swampy land for planed housebilding occurs in the 1890ies in the barrios ## 13 and 14 (Despistar and Campo Cigüeña) - here with the promise of broad avenues and horsetram-lines from the beginning for the new settlers. On this area with great blocks of streets are build only "town-houses" - small houses of two or three levels in row with a garden behind for the middle-class. In the last decades some of the canals are filled up to get place for parks, streets or new houses.

An university in Delta was long planed. 1856 then at the western side this wish was realisized relative late.

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Since years the town management is dreaming of 1 000 000 inhabitants. But the devellopenemt of Delta is slow now. The town has no cool and young "flippy" image as Cordoba or Van Pelt and Porto Colon. Til 1998 was missed an opera-house. None of the surrounding villages has the wish, to join to Delta because they get only the promise of a streetcar line. So at last 1955 the barrios # 10 (Jocazito) and # 17 (Botanico) in the southwest came to the town with relative few inhabitants.


Delta is divided in 17 suburbs, named "barrios". Postal Code is always 65.. and the number of the suburb ( always 4 numerals 6501 to 6517). Government and greater organisations have postalcodes from 6520 to maximal 6539.

Like in Latina (Cidudad) always for three, four or five barrios are local courts in service - so there are local courts for the suburbs in the center, west, north and east.

# Name ingerish Court to city inhabitants km² density remark
1 Centro center center 1519 34 844 12.02 2 898.8 Oldest part of city
2 Isla San Jorge Sur St. George island - south center 1810 41 021 14.18 2 892.9
3 Isla San Miguel St. Michels island center 1810 48 643 9.73 4 999.2
4 Isla Santa Katarina San Catharins island center 1810 36 719 16.21 2 265.2
5 Isla San Jorge Norte St. Georges island - north north 1860 21 402 17.40 1 230.0
6 Lado Izquedra left side west 1845 78 562 35.67 2 202.5
7 Lado Derecha right side east 1845 83 730 39.98 2 094.3
8 Playas Beaches west 1900 36.93
9 Santa Agatha S. Agatha west 1870 47.37
10 Jozacito west 1955 69.61
11 Norte North north 1865 95.12
12 Marisma del Delta Swamp of Delta north 1910 221.34
13 Despistar away from way north 1890 73 481 53.94 1 362.3
14 Campo Cigüeña Storkfield east 1890 138 764 71.97 1 928.1
15 Porto Harbour east 1875 51 802 219.26
16 Cabo las Foras Cap of seals east 1895 74.31
17 Botanico Botanic west 1955 157.51
whole town 914 644 1 192.47


Streetcar-net Delta

Delta has an national airport. Flights go to Belsante, Cordoba, Van Pelt and Porto Colon. To Latina (Cidudad) you can take the AVE hi-speed railway. The airport is connected to the city at the Estacion Sur (southern station) with a short railway-line.

Motorway # 9 from Saguset and Latina (Cidudad) to the southeast touches the town in the north. This motorway leads to Belsante and Luslandia. Motorway # 13 from Latina (Cidudad) along the coast of the province Sierra Levante ends in Delta. Motorways # 18 to Topahappan and # 19 to Porto Colon and Van Pelt starts in Delta.

Delta is served from the primary-routes ## 50, 56 and 84.

In Delta is connected the railway hi-speed-line # 9 (AVE) from Latina (Cididad) to the southeast with line # 12 from Topahappan and # 13 from Porto Colon and Van Pelt. Delta is an important knotpoint in the railway net of Latina. The town has three railway-stations. The "Estacion Latina" and the "Estacion Costa y Sierra" lay benath at the western side and the "Estacion Sur" at the eastern side of the town. The "Estacion Latina" and the "Estacion Sur" are connected with a tunnel for the hi-speed-railways, which stops at both stations.

The traffic in the town is mainly organisized with streetcars. There are 16 tram-lines, ## 1 to 16. Many tracks lay on own right of way, but in the inner town the tracks most lay in the middle of the street. Line # 10 runs only dayover as short connection between the railway-stations (Estacion Latina - City - Estacion Sur). Line 11 runs at the western shore of Rio Hansa and did not touch the inner city.

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Citizens Service (What is where?)

Object ingerish Adress Barrio Remarks
Ayuntamento del Cidudad Town Hall Plaza Maior # 1 also Ayuntamento for Barrio # 1
Cortes locales centro local court center Riba Rio Roberto # 1
Cortes locales norte local court north 10, Avenida Hedando # 11
Cortes locales oueste local court wast 20, Avenida Hedando # 11
Cortes locales sur local court south 10, Avenida Rio Roberto # 15
Cortes superiores Cidudad hight court city Calle Republica #1
Estacion Central main station # 6
Hogar por Animalos Animal shelter Linea 12 # 14
Jardin Botanico Botanic Garden #8
Objetos Perdidos lost and found Avenida Este # 7
Opera opera house 200, Avenida las Playas # 9
Pinacoteka Art Gallery
Philharmony Concert hall Calle Jucami # 4
Teatro del Cidudad main theather Calle Muralla # 1
Universidad (Centro) main buildung university
Zoo Zoo Avenida Pokelohuppon # 11


Sleeping leopard in Delta Zoo

Sibling cities

Delta has connections with Delta City in Flag-of-Delta.PNG Neo Delta

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