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The Dencho family is a Kojolese industrial dynasty. In 1921 Ruensa-Shidokyaei Dencho founded the company Dento in the city of Wenzū, starting off with watches. Today, the company's total assets and value are valued at 6,800 bln Zubi (295 bln int$), and the equity most likely exceeds 142 bln Zubi (6.2 bln int$), making it by far the most important company to the Kojolese economy. Of its stock share, the various family members still hold 67%, making it a de-facto family business.

Family members and history

Ruensa-Shidokyaei died in 1972, at the age of 76. He and his wife (deceased 1975) had two sons and one daughter. Each of them inherited a third of the company in 1962. The oldest son died in a car accident in 1976, leaving his part to his wife Chiyoda Dencho (now Satsuraéli) with whom he had no children. She remarried two years later, and gifted 75% to her son Kondo Satsuraéli with the new husband when he turned 18 in 1998. He still holds 18% of total shares to this day, and pursued an active rule in the company's leadership. The public was watching closely how his relationship to the rest of the family, to whom he had no blood ties, would develop, and even the Kojolese minister of Commerce, Trade and Infrastructure announced his relief when an official statement was made in 1999 that the two family branches would work together to ensure future prosperity of the company, and not try any kind of hostile takeover.

The second son, Minrae Dencho had 3 daughters and retreated from company functions in 1984. He died in 2011. His 3 daughter each inherited a third of his still original 33%. Today, 52 year old Seong Dencho, 55 year old Chulu'en Dencho and 61 year old Inoya Dencho each hold 11.5% of the total shares, making each of them alone the single richest person in Kojo with a net worth invested in Dento alone of about 30 bln Int$ per woman. They were also able to purchase free Dento shares from the market, years after they had been sold by the widow of Ruensa-Shidokyaei's oldest son and Ruensa-Shidokyaei's daughter Ameli Dencho. Only one of the three sisters has children, however the other two are not expected to hand down their fortune to their nieces and nephews.

The young daughter of Ruensa-Shidokyaei, Ameli Dencho gave birth to one son, and is the oldest still active family member at the age of 77. Her son, Ogi Dencho, born in 1967, assumed company duties in the 90's and pre-inherited 50% of the remaining 22% of total shares his mother held. He currently has two children, grandchildren of the founder. His daughter shows no interest in taking up a leadership role, but it is said that his younger son is already preparing for a degree in industrial engineering and management, which many see as a hint that he might be more interested in following the family tradition.

Status 2016, these are all family members who hold shares in Dento, in order of Ruensa-Shidokyaei children:

  • Chiyoda Satsuraéli, widow of oldest son, 2.5%, retired
  • Kondo Satsuraéli, her son with new husband, 8%, active
  • Seong Dencho, daughter of second son, 11.5%, active
  • Chulu'en Dencho, daughter of second son, 11.5%, active
  • Inoya Dencho, daughter of second son, 11.5%, active
  • Ameli Dencho, youngest child of Ruensa-Shidokyaei, 11%, still active but not in day-to-day business
  • her son Ogi Dencho, 11%, active

If the 67% of shares owned by the wider family were held by a single person, that person would be the richest person on earth at a net worth of nearly 200 bln Int$.[citation needed]


  • The above mentioned family members occupy position 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 9 of the list of the top 10 richest people in Kojo. Their combined worth of Dento shares alone amounts to 4.6 trillion Zubi (200 billion Int$).