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Flag of Dennison

Dennison is a city and county in central Sierra (Federal States). Dennison is the largest and most populous city in the state and in the mountain region with 682,500 inhabitants. The Dennison-Redonda metropolitan area, which includes seven major cities and towns (Redonda, Unita, North Dennison, Duchess, Barclay, Billard, Henderson) and spreads over four counties, has over 1,900,000 inhabitants. Dennison was founded in 1854 along the banks of the *Colurona*, centered around mining for lead in the region.


Early history

By the early 1860s Dennison was wealthier than Elvira, and overtook it and Lola in population. In anticipation of the trans-Archantan railway being built, Dennison's businessmen declared it the capital, and a brief conflict (civil war) broke out between militias of Lola and Dennison. Government soldiers were deployed in 1866 to restore order, and Dennison was formally named capital. Lingering issues over a capital selection prevented statehood from occurring, though Dennison seemed more likely. By 1870 sufficient lobbying from businessmen in Elvira saw that city chosen for the railway connection, creating an uproar in Dennison. Eventually Elvira was named capital as well in order to facilitate statehood, achieved in 1872.

Growth in late 19th century

The discovery of significant gold and silver deposits west of Dennison in 1874 led to a large influx of new settlers and prospectors, and this led to new settlements on the west bank of the river, in what was at the time Wilfried County.

In 1890, Dennison was made its own county, but only occupied the present-day Downtown and Winwood areas. Expansion of the county borders occurred throughout the 20th century, north and south in 1899, across the river into West Dennison in 1906, to east Henderson in 1910 and made it to its present size in 1939.


Three main highways intersect in Dennison, the north-south FS-81 which becomes the FS-80, and the east-west FS-60. The 480 is the the only toll road in the state, bypassing metro Dennison from just after the airport to northeast North Dennison.

DART (Dennison and Rendonda Transit) is the regional transit system in the Dennison-Redonda area. DART operates a variety of bus, tram and light commuter rail systems in the four county area.

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