Dennison International Airport

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Z13, -32.7010 °S, 140.8926 °E
Dennison International Airport

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Basic information
Country Flag of the FSA.svg Federal States
City Dennison, Sierra
Began operation 1968
Elevation AMSL 2002 m
Passengers TBD
Aircraft operations TBD
Direction Length
17L/35R 4786 m
17R/35L 4786 m
15/33 3783 m
Number Length
Highways Aviation Parkway, FS-81
Metro lines TBD

Dennison International Airport (WAAT: DIA, ANACA: BADE) is the primary airport serving the Dennison-Redonda metro area in Sierra. It is a major hub for air travel in the northern and western Federal States. DIA was established as a Federal States Air Force field in 1929, and expanded in 1954 to the length of 4700 m for jet-powered bombers. Commercial flights began operating from the airfield from 1933, and in 1965 the military left the facilities to form a purely civilian airport.

The airport opened in 1968 with the futuristic round Terminal 1. Terminal 2 (popularly known as the Western terminal) opened in 1974. A separate concourse opposite the two terminals was built from 1989-1991. The two terminals were joined by a modern Airway Connector link in 2002, after much-needed renovations.

FlySmart is based at DIA, flying out of terminal 2.


Dennison Field was established in 1929 as the first dedicated air facility in the state. The creation of Barclay Military Air Field in 1949 (now Barclay AFB) saw some aircraft removed from Dennison FIeld, starting with the helicopter units. Barclay's runway was expanded to 4900m in 1961, then being able to accomodate bombers Dennison no longer could, and by 1965 all military assets at Dennison were transferred out.

Between 1965 and 1968 a dedicated, modern civilian terminal was built on the property in order to accomodate an increase in commercial flights and passengers.


Airline Destination
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