Dilke Cove

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Dilke Cove is a town in County Plenocaria with a population of 19,500. It is the easternmost of the beach communities along the Midcoast that run east/southeast from Wiwaxmouthe. It also the easternmost town in Wiwaxia. 15, 28.6151, 124.7710

During the Padjadjaran occupation in 1773-1775, Dilke Cove was a major outpost for the Padjadjaranians. The St. Quin church boasts a great deal of ornamentation in the Padjadjaranian style, one of the few surviving buildings in Wiwaxia with such decoration.

Dilke Cove is also home to the Border Trail Museum, which is the starting off point for most hikers on the Wiwax-Padjadjaran Border Trail.