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This article is about the town Diners in Western Freedemia. For a list of famous diners and diner chains, see List of diners.

15, -3.4699, -2.0887
StateQuentinsflag.jpg Quentins
 • CountryFreedemianFlag1.png Freedemia
NationalitiesFreedemians (89%), Naturian (3%), Narghanan (2%), Other (6%)
 • Estimate (2014)304

Diners (town) is a small town in Western Freedemia located on SR-158. The city is famous for being one of the only places where the classic diners and shake shops of the mid 1900's are still thriving, and a well known tourist spot for those trying to try the amazing cuisine of yesteryear.


Diners had existed as a small settlement/place name since back in 1933, when the first travelers started flowing through the area. Drivers from Quentinsburgh and places north would use SR-158 to get to large cities like Trenchent to the south. A young entrepreneur living in a small house in the area named Samantha Broadwell saw the opportunity, and opened up a small diner and gas station along the way called Sam's Diner. The place flourished, and eventually they expanded. By 1957, lots of other small diners, gas stations, shake shops and motels had opened up, and Sam's Diner was known nationwide. Unfortunately, it was also around this time that the Unionways started being built under Sean Bond's presidency.

Diners did not actually become a town until 1975, after Unionway 12 had come in and improvements done to Old-Motorway 12. Around this time, very few drivers had reason to come through the area, because Unionway 12 and the new loop highways surrounding Quentinsburgh made it easy to get to destinations like Trenchent without ever needing to use SR-158.

Over time the companies began to die out, and people owning the diners and businesses came together to create a small town and chamber of commerce, emphasizing tourism to keep the diners, fuel station and other stores alive. They dubbed the town Diners, to represent their heritage.

Today, diners like Sam's Diner are still thriving and huge amounts of tourists come yearly to the town to enjoy the classic diners, shakes, gas stations, and the quaint drive through the town.