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Z13, -46.8649 °S, 46.6080 °E
Diskhyn (Aeránanue)
Flag of Diskland

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Municipality in Winn
Capital Diskwolde
Country Winn
Barony Caspica
Mayor Roy Sullivans
Area 68.34 km2
Population 41034 (2019)
Highways N12, K16, K52, K93
Train station Diskwolde, Chambers, Hozington, Chaining, Chaining Bath
Website www.diskland.wn

Diskland (Aeránanue: Diskhyn) is a municipality in Winn, in the south-eastern most corner of the country. The municipal hall is in Diskwolde, while the largest place in the municipality is the town of Justine. The majority of the municipality consists of small villages.


The municipality of Diskland was formed in 1990, after fusion of the municipalities of Diskwolde and Chaining and Justine. Additionally, the village of Chambers was added to the new municipality from the former municipality of Ayebury, the rest of which fused with New Winn Bay.

Population Centres

The largest population centre in the municipality is Justine, while the municipal hall is located in Diskwolde.

Population Centres
Place Inhabitants
Justine 12350
Diskwolde 9185
Chaining 7000
Letter 4150
Singall 1945
Hozington 1375
Appich 1200
Loggwell 1140
Dhyrren 825
Chambers 450
Earde 385
Cathan 300
Newmillten 250

Additionally, the municipality contains several hamlets, being Bullondom, Catsfare, Deerwolde, Dhyrren-Heath, Farewell, Feld, Garlingue, High Pine, Hundred Stars, Hup, Lettranray, Sitt and The Hinge.




Road Transport

The N12 highway enters the country at the border by Chaining, and has four exits in the municipality - one at Chaining, one for Justine and Hozington, one by Singall and a last one near Diskwolde. The K93 provincial way goes through the municipality, from Chaining towards Diskwolde, and exiting by Appich.

Rail Transport

There are five train stations in the municipality: Diskwolde Station is the only of these that does not lie on the Chaining Line from New Winn Bay, but instead on its own seperate stub line from New Winn Bay Station, also connecting to Millten Station. The other stations, being Chambers Station, Hozington Station, Chaining Station and Chaining Bath Station, lie on the Chaining Line, which connects directly to New Winn Bay. Of these, Chambers station only sees half the trains passing through the station halting, and of the 4 trains every 2 hours on the line, only 1 continues past Chaining toward Chaining Bath, except during tourism season when all trains will continue toward Chaining Bath.

Bordering Municipalities

FlagDiskland.png Municipality of Diskland FlagNewBay.png
Towns: Chaining · Diskwolde · Justine
Villages: Appich · Cathan · Chambers · Dhyrren · Earde · Hozington · Letter · Loggwell · Singall
Hamlets: Bullondom · Catsfare · Deerwolde · Dhyrren-Heath · Farewell · Feld · Garlingue · High Pine · Hundred Stars · Hup · Lettranray · Newmillten · Sitt · The Hinge