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14, -11.4399, 37.5962
Du Bois Cidudad
Du Bois Cité
 • RegionGuimbras
Location of Du Bois in Latina
Location of Du Bois in Latina
Ethnic Groups
Latinians (86%), Natives (8%), Other (6%)
NationalitiesLatinans (94%), Other (6%)
 • MayorDidier Banavas
 • Vice MayorBertrand Secolos
 • Total488.45 km2
 • Urbanxyz km2
 • Ruralabc km2
Elevation200 m (600 ft)
 • Estimate (2020)1 650 000
 • Census (2016)1 644 201
 • Density426.06/km2
eyz/sq mi
Postal Code3001 - 3010
Telephone Code031
Metro4 lines
Tram12 lines

Du Bois is a city in the northwest of Latina. The town is the capital of the province Guimbras of Latina. Du Bois has 1.644.201 inhabitants (zensus 2016). The town is the central town in northwestern Latina. With Mendoza, Latina (Cidudad) and Cordoba the town of Du Bois makes the important quadrate of urbanisation in the west of Latina around the fertile Mesa Verde.

The Flag shows in the inner upper edge the weapon of the family Du Bois (an arm with a sword with the text "we are we" at the blade and a book with the greek letters sigma and lambda).


1571 Pierre Du Bois founded the town. He was the son of a frenchish speaking adventurer, so the first language speaking in town was frenchish. Til today many inhabitants speak a frenchish language. So the names of streets and places are frenchish and not in latinian language. The layout of the first part of the town was a rectangel, surroundes by a broad canal with streets from west to east and north to south. The backbone-street was (and is) the Grand Rue (great street).

As Guilleaume II promised 1627 all jews equal rights in his town many jewish settlers build houses in the east of the Vieux Carée. Til today nearly half of all jews in Latina live in Du Bois, concentrated in the Jew Quarter in the Vieux Carée and in the suburb of Renanrd jaune. Several important latinian literats and scientists are born here. In the First Jew Street is the birthplace of the famous Rabbi David Birnbaum (1756 - 1826).

Place de la Gare Vieux

1669 Antoine Du Bois founded the university of Du Bois at the place of the old alameda (a sort of park). 1738 the town was extended to the south (now "Triangulum"). Around this new triangulair town was cut a new canal and the old southern canal was filled up for a park and the new street "Boulevard Vieux".

Til 1766 the town was the capital of the whole or a part of the Du Bois pincipality. As 1766 the principality was going up in the colony of Latina, the town of Du Bios was from then to now the capital of the province of Guimbras. Til today north of the old town are the private posessions of the family Du Bois, so that the town can spread out on only in eastern, southern or western direction and today the urbanisized area is like an "U".

1849 the railway from Du Bois to Latina (Cidudad) was opened. The first station lays east of the city in the suburb Renard jaune - today the cultural and commercial center of "Gare Vieux". This area was given up 1921 to build a modern station in the west of the city. Now there are the railway-museum and the stadium of the club "Olympique Du Bois".

With the beginning industrialisation the town grow first in west to east direction with the suburbs # 3, Renard jaune and # 7, Allée and few years later the neighbour-suburbs. 1865 Frederic Du Bois (died 1870) give to the town the "Champs Frederic" (Frederics field) from the domaine of the Du Bois family (now Barrio # 8).

Til 1897 the area of the town are the barrios ## 1 to 9. Then some villages around and a part of the Du Bois domaine (now Barrio # 15) become to the town. To the town belongs 109.45 km² of natural wood, administrated as Barrio # 20 but with only 12 inhabitants.

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1962 was begin the work at the Centro Fisico Anvantado de Latina, northeast outside the town, as a branch of the university of Du Bois in cooperation with the university of Cordoba.


Du Bois is divided in 19 suburbs, named "barrios" or in frencish ""Arrondisiments". Postal Code is always 310. or 31.. and the number of the suburb ( always 4 numerals 3101 to 3119). Government and greater organisations have postalcodes from 3121 to maximal 3139. Code "3020" is reserved for the Du Bois family.

Like in Latina (Cidudad) always for some barrios are local courts in service - so there are local courts for the suburbs in the center, east and west. "West" means this barrio lay on the western side of the Rio Guimbras.

Number Name ingerish Court to city inhabitants km² density map remark
1 Vieux Carrée Old Quarter center 1571 15 847 3.43 4 620 [1] Oldest part of city
2 Triangulum Triangel center 1738 19 460 2.61 7 456 [2]
3 Renard jaune Yellow fox center 1819 88 656 8.57 10 345 [3]
4 Bouche du Loup wolfs mouth center 1840 100 811 17.49 5 764 [4] river "Loup" to Rio Guimbras
5 Femmes women east 1850 102 132 17.49 5 764 [5] streets are named after woman-names
6 Sud / Sur south east 1859 132 282 30.34 4 360 [6]
7 Allee Alley west 1865 116 565 17.31 6 734 [7]
8 Champs Frederic Frederics field west 1865 128 622 30.08 4 276 [8]
9 Pergante west 1865 92 701 13.35 6 944 [9]
10 San Juan / Saint Jean S. John west 1879 98 430 33.93 2 901 [10] working class area
11 Deux Rivieres Two Rivers west 1897 77 131 21.08 3 659 [11] til 1897 independent village
12 Lait / Leche milk west 1885 103 238 15.74 6 559 [12]
13 Tarephia means the continent west 1885 118 540 34.60 3 426 [13]
14 Ville de Sartroux Sartroux Village west 1897 99 213 37.27 2 662 [14] til 1897 independent village
15 Nord / Norte Northend west 1897 95 363 29.57 3 225 [15] til 1897 part of the domaine Du Bois
16 Oiseaux / Aves birds east 1885 60 641 17.69 3 428 [16] streets are named after birds
17 Gramito East 1897 35 505 12.41 2 861 [17] til 1897 independent village
18 Nation nation East 1897 106 232 20.39 5 210 [18] formerly part of Gramito
19 Semiramis that lady with the garden East 1897 52 829 18.28 2 890 [19] til 1897 independent village
whole town 1571 1 644 189 379.00 4 338 urbanisated area
20 Bosque del Ciudad wood of town west 1897 12 109.45 [20] til 1897 Domaine Du Bois
whole town 1571 1 644 201 488.45 [21]
00 Domaine privée privat posession Du Bois ------ 1571 109 326.75 [22] this domaine is no part of the town


Metro of Du Bois
Streetcar-net of Du Bois

Du Bois has an national airport. Flights to Latina (Ciudad) are not offered, because the AVE-train is faster.

Motorway # 3 from Latina (Cidudad) touches the town in the north and west. Motorway # 15 goes to Cordoba and motorway # 23 to Leif Erikson in the west and to Mendoza in the east and leads from there to the eastern parts of Latina. Du Bois is served from the primary-routes ## 31, 44, 59, 65 and 73.

The first railway-Station lays in the northwest of the old town. Now this building is a transportation-museum and the stadium is buldt, where formerly the tracks lay. The new station is opened 1921 for an easyer way for the railway to the north. In Du Bois terminated since 1974 the railway hi-speed-line # 3 (AVE) from Latina and since 2008 line # 15 direct to Cordoba with stop only in Ferronio.

The main-station of Du Bois has 18 tracks. Tracks ## 1 to 5 are used for the AVE-trains to Latina (Cidudad) and Cordoba, ## 6 to 11 for the trains, terminating in Du Bois, # 12 for through running freight trains, tracks ## 13 to 17 are through going tracks to the north and to the Airport of Du Bois and to Leif Ericson. Track # 18 is for special guests and owned by the family Du Bois, but can be used too from the city of Du Bois or the province Guimbras.

The traffic in the town to a part is organisized with streetcars. Now there in use are still 17 lines, ## 6 to 15 and 21 to 27. Many of the formerly lines are abadonned or had change their way, because if a metro-line run under the street a streetcar-line there is not ever neessary. Because most of the inner town was build before the rules of Ernesto Cruz y Lopez there are only smaller streets in the heart of the city and the streetcars partly run in oneway-streets parallel. At "Chat gris" is an complicatet knotpoint of crossing lines and loops. The lines ## 24, 24 and 26 did not reach the inner town, but terminated at a metro-station, to avoid parallel traffic. Line # 23 will not be served at the weekend. Line # 22 is a cercle-line. Line 11 (half) only will run in the peak-hours. A special line is line # 20 for the Du Bois domain.

For the dense traffic are four metro-lines, the first section opened 1956. The two lines ## 1 and 2 junctoned at "Vieux Gare" and "Renard jaune" and the two lines ## 3 amd 4 junctioned "Gare Central" and "Universite". At last 2014 new opened is a part of the oranhge line # 4 to the southeast, now ending in "Triangulum". In construction for this line is further southeast a part with 5 stations via "Nuages" to open next year. Then streetcar-line # 11 then will taken over from this metro-line.

Metro and streetcars and the bus-lines of the town can be used with the same ticket.

Worth to see

Citizens Service (What is where?)

Object ingerish Adress Barrio Remarks
Cortes de Provincia provincial parliament Alemade Veja # 1 old assembly of Du Bois principality
Cortes superiores Provincial hight court of the province 190, Allee # 4
Cortes superiores Cidudad hight court city 170, Allee # 4
Cortes locales centro local court center Rue Guimbras # 2
Cortes locales este local court east Place les Cheveaux # 6
Cortes locales oueste local court west
Ayuntamento del Cidudad Town Hall Alameda Veja # 1
Commedia Theater comedique
Hogar por Animalos Animal shelter
Jardin Botanico Botanic Garden
Objetos Perdidos lost and found
Opera 3. Place des Platanes # 4
Pinacoteka Art Gallery
Philharmony Concert hall
Teatro del Cidudad (1) main theather Rue Moliere # 1 building from 1688
Teatro del Cidudad (2) main theather 5. Place de Platanes # 4 new building from 1901
Universidad (Centro) main buildung university Alameda Veja # 1


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