Duncanheim's Call

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Duncanheim's Call is the national anthem of Duncanheim.


The melody of Duncanheim's Call is an old traditional melody. The lyrics of the anthem were written in 1853 by Duncansson Riverbond, a relatively obscure poet who was studying at the Royal University of Kattenden at the time.
It was adopted as the official national anthem in 1892, by King Wolfrik III, who, incidentally, attended the same university as the author of the lyrics before becoming Monarch.


The first verse and chorus of the anthem are written in Tungumal, however, the second verse is the Ingerish version of the first, followed by the chorus in Ingerish, and the remaining verses. In practice, the first/second (depending on language preference) and fourth verses are most frequently sung together. At international events, where time would prohibit this, the first verse is typically sung.


Duncanheim's Call  

Chorus: Niya Denᚼenheim, ᚼala nilye ha (Duncanheim is standing, we are unifying)
Hunetena ketla tsen! (We are always victorious)
Dasurulttha! Sedarulttha! (Listen! Listen closely!)
Thay Denᚼen yekalten (The ancestors of our people are calling!)

1. Halni ᚼarelyu bet-aiten (We share the task of guarding)
Niltsin nureben nalzi (Strong ones may hunt us)
Habahedal den Denᚼen kulu (If they run onto our homeland)
Habadenetthen nuwetsi (Their heads will be ours)

Chorus (Ingerish): For Duncanheim we stand as one
And never shall we fall
For liberty and homeland dear
We answer Duncan’s Call!

2. We guard our homes, our towns, our fields
From enemies with might
And should they tread on this fair land
They shall not live through the night!


3. May rivers ever run so clear
May mountain forests stand
May fish forever present be
In the sea along the strand


4. May justice reign as freedom lives
Ever on in Duncanheim
May every tribe who dwells here
Live in joy for all our time