Dunwic Burhcounsil

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Logo of Dunwic Burhcounsil

Dunwic Burhcounsil (Ingerish: Dunwich Town Council) is a top-tier administrative body for Dunwic, Myrcia. It consists of the directly elected Burgealdor and Burhgeréfa and the elected 68-member Burhcounsil with scrutiny powers. The authority has jurisdiction over the City af Dunwic as well as a more limited jurisdiction over some areas of governance in Ceasternisc Bernica including transportation and strategic planning.

The Burhcounsil owns and governs Landstede Geleórednes Dunwic and a number of other city-wide services.

The current Burgealdor is Sam Gustafsson of Wyrcend and the Burhgeréfa is Lise Elensdohtor of Rihtwísness. The Burgealdor, as well as being the symbolic leader of the city, is also the head of the Burhcounsil. The Burhgeréfa is in charge of oversight of the police force and courts.