Dunwic Flyhthæfen International

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Z14, 56.3897 °N, 19.3655 °E


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Basic information
Country Mercian flag.png Myrcia
City Dunwic
Began operation 1933
Direction Length
14-32 3990m
Number Length
Highways Steorweg 3
Long distance train lines Railweg Myrcia Nórd Star
Regional train lines RM Regio 15 + 16
Website www.flyhthaefen.mr

Dunwic Flyhthæfen International (Ingerish: Dunwic International Airport) (WAAT code- DUN, ANACA code- JDUN) is Myrcia's main international airport. It is a hub airport for flights in north-west Uletha for the Geolliance code-sharing alliance. It is located around 5 miles north-west of Dunwic city centre. It opened as an airfield for flights to Englea in 1933 with the first international flights beginning in 1952.


The airport opened as Dunwic Peterswic Aerodrome in 1933 as an airfield for flights to and from the islands of Englea, the first international flights to Ingerland and Scandmark began operating in 1952. The airport was the main hub for the Mercian Airways Corporation which became Flyht Myrcia in 1955. Until 1967 the airport had three runways forming a triangular pattern. In 1972 runway 01-19 was closed to allow a new passenger terminal to be expanded, at the same time the airport's name was changed from Dunwic Peterswic Airport to Dunwic Flyhthæfen International. During the 1970s the main runway became 14-33 and runway 13-31 fell out of use.

In 1985 a report was commissioned by the Sæterhriht to look at the state of the airport. It was claimed by Elle Ellesdohtor that the airport had become a national embarrassment. The runway was too short for the most modern planes to land on and the terminal's 1970s renovation was already too small and outdated. In 1989 runway 14-33 was expanded to the east becoming 3990m long which would allow the largest jets to service the island. One of the first projects to be funded by the Feoh in 2000 was the reconstruction of the main passenger terminal. The architect Ul Petersson was bought in to design a light and airy terminal 'fit for the 21st century'. The new terminal opened in 2006 along with the airport tram which links the terminal to the railway station, car parks and hotels.



The airport has one runway, Runway 14-33, which is 3990m long which allows the largest and most modern jets to use the airport. Planes land and take off over the Bernica coast or the Edburga Downs.

Passenger Buildings

Entrance to Terminal 2 from Flyhthæfenplæc
View of gates in Terminal 1

There are two passenger terminals which are both connected to the central airport hall. Terminal 1 is used exclusively by Flyht Myrcia and its Geolliance partners DeltAir and Air Wiwaxia whilst Terminal 2 is used by all other operators.

The airport was designed by Myrcian architect Ul Petersson who sought to create spaces which were light, calming and welcoming. The centrepiece of his design is the Winter Gartan which sits between the two terminals. Under a glass roof is an indoor garden which gives passengers a pleasant waiting area after they have passed through security. Other features include extensive use of natural materials, solar roof panels and windows which open to allow fresh air into the passenger areas.

The airport is directly connected to the Dunwic Flyhthæfen Citihotel. Other hotels are accessible by the airport tram.



Public Transport

The airport's railway station, Dunwic Flyhthæfen International station, is located around half a mile from the terminal buildings and is accessed by the airport tram. It is served by RM Regio lines 15 and 16 and Railweg Myrcia Nórd Star services which connect it to Dunwic Mid, Nórdport and St Alfaed. There are also express and local Búsbæn services which connect the airport with Dunwic and the surrounding urban areas.

Airport Tram

The airport tram was opened in 2006 along with the new terminal buildings. It connects the railway station, hotels, car parks, office parks and bus station with the main terminal building. The trams are driverless and operate 24 hours a day every five minutes.

Road Connections

The airport is located close to the Steorweg 3 route which connects Nórdhumber to Dunwic's Outerweg road. Long and short term parking facilities are provided and connected to the terminal by the airport tram.


Airlines Destinations Terminal
Air Ataraxie Ataraxia 2
Air Karolia Säntjana 2
AirRolano Rolano-Las Arenas, Rolano-Tereo 2
Air Wiwaxia Wiwaxmouthe 1
Awyr Tircambry Caerarthen 2
DeltAir Taiago 1
FreedemiAir Quentinsburgh 2
Gobrassian Gobras City 2
Havair Hav 2
Ikk´bin Ek-Balam 2
JEV Punto de Christopher 2
Litvanka Airlines Loravia, Molburg-Ošina 2
Lyftfléogend Erihents, Markvað, Nórdhumber, Odrava, Winburgh 2
Flyht Myrcia Ataraxia, Caerarthen, Delenter, Erihents, Gobras City, Hav, Herlenz, Keechi (suspended until further notice), Khaiwoon, Kolgóra, Lang Moen, La Pinta, Latina (Cidudad), Lynchester, Markvað, Molburg-Ošina, Nerschach, Nórdhumber, Odrava, Orlent, Pern, Port Emporia, Porto Real, Punto de Christopher, Quentinsburgh, Raggleneth, St. Richards, Säntjana, Steingart, Swarzyn, Taiago, Tarott-Kemburg, Winburgh, Wiwaxmouthe
Seasonal: Frjalshöfn, Stykishólmur
Norlensk þjóðflugfélag Frjalshöfn, Markvað, Stykishólmur 2
Swaldair Steingart 2

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