Dunwic Mid station

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Dunwic Mid
The elevated Railweg Myrcia platforms
LocationSt Aethelwold Avenu, Dunwic, Myrcia
Coordinates56.334°N, 19.251°W
Owned byRailweg Myrcia
Line(s)RM IC NS + WW, RM Regio 11-16, LGD Linbæn A+B
Train operatorsRailweg Myrcia, Landstede Geleórednes Dunwic
Bus stands4
Bus operatorsLGD Búsbæn
Tram routes1, 3, 5, 7, L1 + L2
Tram stands4
Tram operatorsLGD Trambæn
Platform levels4
Bicycle facilitiesLGD Cyclebæn + cycle storage
Other information
Station codeDUN
Previous namesDunwic St Alfred

Dunwic Mid station is the main railway station and transport hub in Dunwic, Myrcia. The station is served by Railweg Myrcia, Linbæn and Trambæn services.


The old St Alfred station closed in 2010 to allow for rebuilding. During that time Railweg Myrcia services terminated at Ethelfór station and Linbæn services at Sæterhriht Avenu, Nórdburh and Ebsforþ. The site was cleared, the RM lines were elevated to run through the station above ground level. A new station box was constructed under these lines through which Linbæn lines run, this included four platforms to allow for any future Linbæn extensions.

After five years of reconstruction the station re-opened in phases during 2015/16. The change of name from St Alfred station to Mid station was controversial with residents of the city. The Burhcounsil wanted the new name to reflect the station's importance in Dunwic's transport infrastructure but campaigners said that losing the name of St Alfred reflected an increasing secularisation in the city and did a disservice to the saint whose abbey once stood on the site.


Railweg Myrcia

Dunwic Mid station is the major centre of operations for Railweg Myrcia and the busiest station on the network. RM Regio and IC services operate from platforms 1-4.

The Nórd Star to St Alfaed and Nórdport and the Westaxe Wyvern to Renburh and St Grimbald terminate at St Alfred.

RM Regio lines 11-16 all call at Mid station and serve Ceasternisc Bernica including Dunwic Flyhthæfen International.


Linbæn services operate from platforms 5-8 although platform 5 and 8 are mothballed to allow for future expansion of the service. The driverless light rail system runs to Hýþ Terminal, Burdwic Mid and Weatende Mid.


The four Trambæn platforms are located in front of the station on St Aethelwold Avenu and there is a terminating loop to the south of the station. Mid station is served by Trambæn lines 1, 3, 5, 7, L1 + L2.


Dunwic Mid station is served by a number of Búsbæn bus routes which call at bus stops to the north of the station, and to the east on Alfred Avenu. The City Busbæn Terminal is just south of the station on St Aethelwold Avenu.

Preceeding station Railweg Myrcia Following station
Dunwic Flyhthæfen International RM IC
Nórd Star
Duccsford Súd RM IC
Westaxe Wyvern
Nórdburh RM Regio
lines 12+13
Ebsforþ RM Regio
lines 11, 14, 15 + 16
Preceeding station LGD Following station
Ebsforþ Linbæn
Lines A + B
Sæterhriht Avenu
Welwya Parc Trambæn
lines 3 + 7
St Wulfram
Asaph Gartan Trambæn
lines 1, 5, L1, L2
St Wulfram


The main station building is home to a number of shops including branches of Bókstop, Duchy Coffee, Bakehus and Kioski. The Railweg Myrcia Síjþoffic offers tickets for any journey in Myrcia using the TMkart and ferry tickets on Fær Myrcia.