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9, 49.4000, 154.6680
Independent Dominion of Dustmark
Fri Dominion av Dusmak (Nyskandisk)
FlagCoat of arms
FlagCoat of arms
"Dustmark Eternal"
"En Lång Reign" (A Long Reign)
and largest city
Official languagesIngerish
New Scandic
 • Regional languagesPiyockeney
GovernmentUnitary parliamentary elective constitutional monarchy
 • MonarkBella I
 • Kraun-LärjungkJauhn Krell Henrikson Fris-Ingman
 • PremiärministerThea Annika Öberg
 • Upper houseState Assembly
 • Lower housePublic Ministry
 • Estimate (2020)245,000
 • Census (2015)233,094
GDP (PPP)2015
 • TotalTBD
 • Per capitaTBD
HDI (2015)Steady 0.61
CurrencyDaler (Đ) (DMD)
Drives on theleft
Internet TLD.dm

Dustmark, officially the Independent Dominion of Dustmark (Nyskandisk: Fri Dominion av Dusmak), is a sovereign state located in northeastern Uletha on the island of Dus. It shares a maritime boundary with UL54 to the north-west and Østermark to the east. It is separated from the island of Newrick by the Langsund strait.




Archaeological remains show that the island has been inhabited by humans for at least 10,000 years. The majority of these artefacts resemble similar items excavated in Østermark, suggesting that Dus and Newrick were once connected by a land bridge. The population was concentrated in tribes on the east coast and north-eastern coast of modern day Western Dus and Emont respectively. The Piyockeney peoples, much like in Østermark, are the last natives still present in Dustmark.

Colonisation Era

Scandic Colonisation

At the start of the 13th century, correlating with a sharp decline of the indigenous population, it is presumed that a Scandic expedition landed on Dus. A group of the explorers who was headed by Sigsten Kasten Ingman, captain of one of the expedition's ships, split off from the expedition and set up an outpost called Kastenstad. The area was chosen because of the presence of a natural harbour at the mouth of the river Akerman Beta. Kastenstad would flourish into a permanent settlement in the year 1456 because of a gold rush lasting from 1450 to 1462. In the years following, Scandic settlers from Scandmark and Østermark would slowly spread throughout the whole island, absorbing the local tribes. Dus would be de facto controlled by the Ingman family in Kastenstad.

Ingerish Colonisation

In March of 1806, Dus was purchased by the Ingerish. Dus was made into a dependency named the Dominion of Dustmark with a government headed by Hector Fret, an Ingerish aristocrat.


The Scandic Rebellion

In the year 1820, the Scandic population rebelled against Fret rule. The new taxes and land reforms implemented by the new government were very unpopular. After a series of riots in the major towns, Dustmark asked for assistance from Ingerland but, at that time, Ingerland deemed Glaster a more important pursuit. A ceasefire was agreed upon after 7 years of sporadic fighting between Fret and Ingman loyalists. During this time, peace talks were discussed.

On early December of 1827, a peace deal was agreed upon and fighting would stop. Ingerland would grant independence on the 11th of January 1828, the Kort would be established and subsequently an election would be held. Dag Wyst Ingman, a prominent leader in the Scandic Rebellion would be the first elected monarch of the Independent Dominion of Dustmark, winning a landslide victory.

Newrick Conflict

Main article: Newrick Conflict
The Newrick Conflict is an ongoing series of hostilities between Dustmark and Østermark for control over multiple oil platforms around the countries’ maritime border.


Dustmark is an island nation situated on Dus which is part of the Scythe of Uletha. The north-eastern part (Grångæ) and south-eastern part (Emont) of Dus is fairly mountainous, the central part is hilly while the north-western part has flat terrain.



Government and politics


Current composition of the Dustmark Kort Government (58)
  Conservative Bloc: 49 seats
  People's Reactionary Party: 11 seats
Other parties (65)
  Alliance of Social Democrats: 39 seats
  Dustmark Egalitarian Coalition: 11 seats
  Green Party: 11 seats
  Independent: 2 seats

Dustmark is an elective monarchy whose head of state is the elected noble from a royal house. The Monarch is eligible to run for 3 terms, each term lasting 10 years. Elections for the head of state will be held at the end of a term or at the abdication or death of the current head of state. The current head of state is Monarch Bella Annika Fret who was elected to the throne in 2010.

The Houses

Officially, there are six royal houses whose members are applicable to be head of state of Dustmark. Only two are currently active in the politics of Dustmark, the House of Fret and the House of Ingman.





Logo of the Dustmark National Bank

The Daler (Sign: Đ; Code: DMD), also known as the Duss Daler or Dusdaler, is the official currency of Dustmark. A Daler can be divided into 100 øre. The Daler is issued by the Dusmak Riksbank (Dustmark National Bank).

Duss one daler banknote
Flag of the Dustmark National Bank outside the Dustmark National Bank HQ in Kastenstad



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