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Duvar is the former, now mostly abandoned capital of the Region of Duvar in Commonia along the river Abber. The role of Capital ended at the conclusion of the Commonian Civil War, as cities of similar importance, such as Sarangonia were decimated by the war. Duvar once held a population of 40,000 people and by 1990 the city was completely abandoned. The role of regional capital slowly shifted to Altaville during that time as a heavy international presence permeated the coastline. Most of the former residents of Duvar were killed in the war and the city is host to a small rural population of agricultural based natives and former impoverished residents. There is no formal census taken within the former city limits, but most of the city lies in ruin. Duvar was at the western end of the abandoned Trans-Commonian Highway project, partially completed in 1988. Location on map [1]