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ESMA's logo since 2007

The ESMA (Sanain: Ezini Syervisy Magysoki, high-speed train service) is a network of high-speed railways servicing the Nevensad Metropolitan Area and the cities of Felosad, Navasy, Gau, and Kabnik. Its first service, the ESMA-1 "Duibe", opened in 1963, while the ESMA-2 and ESMA-3 opened in 1970 and 1983, respectively. The designation for rolling stock in the ESMA network is Bullet.

The ESMA system is one of the most important railway networks in the country, and together with links to SUE national trains, provides popular and heavily-trafficked service to the second-largest city in Sãikyel, Nevensad. Its opening and extensions have contributed to both the expansion of the western Sãikyel urban zone and the cities which it connects becoming larger and larger national cities.

The ESMA network has an annual ridership of 275 million per year, making it the second-busiest rail network in the country after Sãikyel National Railways and the busiest high-speed network in southern Uletha. It operates three routes, the ESMA-1, ESMA-2, and ESMA-3, with plans for expansion by 2030.