East Emporium

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OGFmapicon.png 54.634 N, 69.884 E
East Emporium
Official Name:
Shire of East Emporium

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Royal Subject in the Flag of the Kingdom of Pretany Kingdom of Pretany
Status Royal Subject
Capital Lorrainium
Largest City Lorrainium
Area 26634 km2
Demonym East Emporian
Languages Ingerish/Franquese/Pretanic
Population 13 867 000 (2015)
Density 520/km2

The Shire of East Emporium is a Shire in northern Pretany. The capital of the state is Lorrainium. East Emporium sits on the northwestern shore of the Great Rift Sound. The Duchy of Port Emporium is on the shore side of the shire. with the Port Emporium Metropolitan Area stretching along the eastern edge of East Emporium. 60% of the population lives in the metro. Eden Fen and Revilick Royal Park are massive marshland nature reserves in the north and west of the shire. The southwest part of East Emporium is mostly farmland.


East Emporium was the first shire formed after the formation of the Kingdom of Pretany in 1374. The original shire was home to 15 duchies including Port Emporia.

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