Edetanese language

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Castilian Edetanese
Native toCastilea Archantea
Native speakers± 46.8 million (as of 2018)
Language familyUletarephian
Early formsOld Catanese and Tahuel
Writing systemRomantian script
Signed formsSigned Edetanese
Official status
Official language inCastilea Archantea.svg Castilea Archantea
3 regions
Edetanea (Castilea Archantea)
Delta (Castilea Archantea)
Basti (Castilea Archantea)
Minority language in
1 nation

2 dependencies
Edetania (Castellán)
Catania (Castellán)
Regulated byInstitut de la Llengua Edetanesa
Acadèmia de la Llengua Edetanesa

The Edetanese language ("Edetanés" in Edetanese) is an Uletarephian/Romantish language named for its origins in Edetanea, in what is southern of Castilea Archantea.

Edetanese evolved from several dialects of Romantian and Tahuel.

It is considered different from Catanese by a majority of the international specialists. A standardized form exists, based on the Southern Edetanese dialect.

Although they share the same name, the Edetanese language is different than the Edetanese dialect spoken in Castellán because of the interaction with the Tahuel and Tahiri languages in Castilea Archantea.