Eduardo Grimoualdini

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Eduardo Grimoualdini

Eduardo Grimoualdini (1487 - 1555) was a warlord and colonist. He founded the principality of Grimoualdini (now part of the province Grimoualdini in Latina), which exist til 1727. He is called "the black count", because his weapon and shield was plain black.

The origin and descent of Grimoualdini is not really known. 1515 - then 28 years old - he landed with three small ships and 200 men near Fragumantis at the southern border now of the province Holland. Here he tries to establish his power, but the gouvernement of the colony of New Holland won the battle and with the rest of 140 men he move upward the river valley, til he reached Aranda, the tenttown of the Aranda-tribe. With chief Hetokalapita (running wolf) then he make the arrangement, to fight for him against the northern tribe of Fallgonta. So he conquered the area at the western end of the Rio Pernello and the Lago Palomas. In this area then he founded his own power - first in the castle of Gugulyne. The first castle 1518 only was from wooden palisades, 1529 he build it new from stones.

More and more he wided his dominion. That was possible for him, because more and more dissatisfied settlers from New Holland joined to him. 1521 he founded Las Palomas at the Lago Palomas and 1531 Sagomantes. So ths principality reaches roundabout 80 km in the upper valley of the Rio Pernello and Rio Haarlem, which he named Rio Grimoualdini.

1542 he fight against the tribe of Hetomawapa in the western upper valley of the river Haarlem and set there the fort of Boca del Lobo (mouth of wolf). So meanwhile half of his subjects were native people. But he give them the equal rights as the colonist and so they were his loyal troops against other tribes and by raids into the colony of New Holland.

Since 1539 his son Fernando Grimoualdini (1518 - 1581) was his right hand. So as Eduardo Grimualdini 1555 died at a battle near Billericay aginst troops of the colony, his son can take the power without problems. Til 1727 the Grimoualdinis expand her area. Then the last of the dynastie died and before there any other can take the control, the troops of New Holland occupy the principality and made it to the province of Grimoualdini.