Edward Parish

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Edward Parish
[[File:Hubert Lyautey|220px|alt=]]
Parish in 1926
BornJuly 1863
Place of BirthPort Duffy, Margraviate of Sudestia
Country of BirthFlag3.jpg Auleus
Died16 December 1927 Carsile, Auleus
Resting PlacePeople's Palace, People's Republic of Auleus
Other NamesEdvard Socken
Alma MaterWestern University
Known forLeader of Auleus Socialist
Political PartySocialist Party of Auleus

Edward Parish (born 1863, Port Duffy; died 1927, Carsile) was a Aulean revolutionary.

Early Life

Edward Parish was born in Port Duffy in the then independent Margraviate of Sudestia. When he was three his family moved to Borderville as his father was employed in the coal mines there.


At age 14, in 1877 he joined the Socialist Party of Auleus. He rose quickly through the ranks, and by age 22 he was a senior member of the party.

Aulean Civil War

When war broke out Parish was the leader of the rebel group Auleus Socialist. He led them most of the way to victory.


Parish was assassinated on the high street of Old Carsile in 1927. The person who assassinated him is unknown. Most think that it was either an Imperialist or Republican member.

The vehicle Parish was traveling in at the time of the assasination


Parish is seen in different ways around the confederation. In the more socialist areas, he is seen as a liberator, whereas in the more Monarchist areas, he is seen as an enemy, whereas in republican areas, he is seen as necessary evil to win the Aulean Civil War