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Egalia is a region located in Central Uletha. It includes 8 countries, of which 7 border the Egalian Lake, after which the region gets its name. Those countries are:

Note: Bold names are countries which have a coastline on the Egalian Lake.

Beldonia doesn't have a coastline on the Egalian Lake, but is considered very close to the nations which do border the lake. Many[who?] suggest the Escadian regions of Baane and Otena should be considered a part of Egalia too.

Nevertheless, those nations all see the Egalian Lake as an symbol of their unity[questionable], as it has a key role in their economies and histories. Most of these nations are part of the Egalian Union.

Geographical divisions

For the geography of the region, see Egalian Lake.
The geographical division of Egalia.

The regions can be divided into 4 parts. Those parts are:

Name Info Map colour
Lower Egalia The part with the lowest elevation, having direct coastline with the Egalian Lake. Most countries in the regions have their most populated parts located in this regions.
Middle Egalia The border part between Lower and Upper Egalia. Filled with flat plains and rolling hills, it is home to many farmlands and lush forests.
Upper Egalia The highest part in terms of elevation. Home to many mountains and valleys, lowered density of population, but higher density of forests.[overgeneralized]
Outer Egalia The part that is not recognized as part of Egalia geographically, but still falls into it culturally.[questionable] Countries like Escadia are almost exclusively part of this region.

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