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5, 51.739, 88.226
Egalian Union
"Advancing through unity"
Map of Egalia, with the E8 members highlighted in bright yellow.
CapitalNikolovac (de facto)[note 1]
Largest cityRilg
Official languages
8 member states
BeldonijaFlag.PNG Beldonia
CiraFlag2-01.png Chira
Drabantia flag.png Drabantia
Escadian flag.jpg Escadia
Litvenska Flaga.jpg Litvania
Mallyorianflag.png Mallyore
Podoliaflag.png Podolia
ZAFlag.png Zalivnia
GovernmentIntergovernmental organization
 • Secretary-general of the E8TBD
 • Secretary of Business CouncilTBD
 • Speaker of the AssemblyTBD
 • Total587,239 km2
 • Estimate54,904,500[note 2]
 • Density93.5/km2
TimezoneWUT +5, +5.30, +6
8 national currencies
•Beldonian Funt (BFT)
•Chiran Viźma (CRV)
•Drabantian Koruna (DBK)
•Escadian Kroona (ECK)
•Litvanian korona (LKR)
•Mallyorian Dinar (MDN)
•Podolian Serebrenik (PSR)
•Zalivnian Jan (ZAJ)

The Egalian Union, abbreviated EgU, EU or E8 is a political and economic union in Central Uletha, mainly composed of nations in the region of Egalia. It was founded in 1982 by Drabantia, Mallyore and Zalivnia, and since then has expanded onto 8 members. The union is focusing on improving the economies and relations between the countries within the union, as well as improving the same with other countries around the world. The Parliamentary Assembly of the Egalian Union is located in Nikolovac, Mallyore.


"The strong unity of the Egalian states was one of the key figures on why a union between the states should exist", as said by the Mallyorian minister Dunja Kraner, during a meeting between her and Dejan Lazović, a minister from Zalivnia. The idea rapidly grew up and became popular not only between the officials between the Egalian countries, but by many civilians in those nations. It was only a matter of time when such organization would be created.

The union was founded in 1982 by 3 current member states (Drabantia, Mallyore and Zalivnia), whose representatives have gathered at the town of Teplice na Jezeře in Drabantia on the 7th of June to discuss the future of a possible cooperation fond between the Egalian states. After the first talks finished successful, the representatives of the same nations later met in the towns of Banovci, Mallyore (7th of July), and the fond was officially created on the 7th of August in the Zalivnian town of Kopnica. After lengthy debate in the country, Litvania voted to apply in 1986, further expanding the Unions' reach and influence in the region. The fond was joined by Escadia in 1990, and grew into an union, as the expectation were high for the union, and the founding members expected and hoped for other Egalian states to join soon after.

Member states

The current member states include:

Country Year of joining Notes
BeldonijaFlag.PNG Beldonia 2003
CiraFlag2-01.png Chira 2003
Drabantia flag.png Drabantia 1982 Founding nation.
Escadian flag.jpg Escadia 1990
Litvenska Flaga.jpg Litvania 1986
Mallyorianflag.png Mallyore 1982 Founding nation.
Podoliaflag.png Podolia 2003
ZAFlag.png Zalivnia 1982 Founding nation.


Parliamentary Assembly

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Egalian Union or Egalian Parliamentary Assembly (EPA) is based in Nikolovac, Mallyore. It is the inter-parliamentary consultative institution of the organization formed in 1992. The Assembly and MPs provide a legal basis for social, economic, cultural, commercial and political cooperation among the member states; provide support to the national parliaments to reinforce the parliamentary democracy; pass the legislation required for the implementation of the decisions adopted by the Heads of States or by the Ministers of Foreign Affairs. Current Speaker of the Assembly is TBD.[1]

Egalian Business Council

The Egalian Business Council (EBC) was formed in 1987[2] as an international, non-governmental and non-profit organization to strengthen the improvement of the business environment within Egalian region. Business Council represents the business communities of member states. The International Secretariat of Business Council is based in TBD. Working members of Business Council encourage the governments of their respective states to ease tax burden, to maintain common free market zone and guarantee the free movement of people and goods across Egalia.

Egalian Trade and Development Bank

The Egalian Trade and Development Bank (ETDB) is an international financial institution formed in 2003. It supports economic development and regional cooperation by providing trade and project financing, guarantees and equity for development projects supporting both public and private enterprises in its member countries. Objectives of the bank include promoting regional trade links, cross country projects, foreign direct investment and supporting activities that contribute to sustainable development. National Ministers of Finances comprise the Trade Council of the Bank. The headquarters is located in TBD

Institute of Innovation and Technology

The Egalian Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIIT) is an international institute located in Odrava, Drabantia. Its task is to emphasize and support technology and research in E8, to develop innovative products and services, help starting new companies, to form multi-country partnerships and to help and assure that businesses, educational and research bodies work together to create and environment conducive for innovation and entrepreneurship in E8. It is closely related to the Egalian Business Council. Currently, EIIT is managed by TBD.

Transport agencies

In order to improve and insure transport, reduce pollution and risk of accidents, three transport agencies are operating: Maritime Safety Agency, Aviation Safety Agency and Railway Agency.

The EU Maritime and Aviation Safety Agencies are based in Jankovar and Loravia, Litvania, respectively.


The total population of the union is 54,904,500. Most of the population lives in Escadia, as it is by far the largest country. Most people are Escadian by nationality, about 33.8%.

National composition of the Egalian Union (2018)


Each member brings its own language as an official language into the union, therefore there are 8 official languages. Ingerish is included for international reasons, raising the number to 9 official languages.

Language Status Union name in given language
Beldonian Official Egalska unija
Chiran Official Egáliíam Sáíuna
Drabantian Official Helská unie
Escadian Official Heelu jett
Ingerish Official Egalian Union
Litvanian Official Egalský zvez
Mallyorian Official Egalska unija
Podolian Official Ehalьski Souz
Livnian Official Егалска yнија (Romanized: Egalska unija)


Largest cities in Egalia
EgU Demographics Institution
Rank Country Pop.
1 Rilg Escadia ~2,000,000 Nikolovac
2 Ulinje Zalivnia 1,368,448
3 Nikolovac Mallyore 1,062,498
4 Domje Beldonia 1,010,450
5 Odrava Drabantia 841,143
6 Aäling Escadia ~700,000
7 Ĉervonograd Podolia 612,471
8 Lorava Litvania ~500,000
9 Pausemu Escadia ~350,000
10 Askere Escadia ~280,000

* List likely to be changed in the future.



In 2019, it is estimated that the E8 had combined GDP (PPP) of $2.3 trillion. The single market involves the free circulation of goods, capital and services within the E8.



  1. Nikolovac is considered the de facto capital of the Egalian Union. The E8 has no official capital, and no plans to declare one, but Nikolovac hosts the official seat of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Egalian Union, the most important institution of the union.
  2. 2019 data combined and collected from national statistic offices.


Member states of the Egalian Union
BeldonijaFlag.PNG BeldoniaCiraFlag2-01.png ChiraDrabantia flag.png DrabantiaEscadian flag.jpg EscadiaLitvenska Flaga.jpg LitvaniaMallyorianflag.png MallyorePodoliaflag.png PodoliaZAFlag.png Zalivnia