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The Eganian (/Eganê/) language is the official language in the Republics of Egani, Vatofarê and Niscavo, as well as in the Autonomous Romanish Niscavo Province in Antharia. It is part of the Hellanisian group of Uletarephian languages. It can be written with the Romantish alphabet as well as with the Eganian Alphabet. About 23 million people speak Eganian fluently across the world.

Map of dialects related to Eganian language.


About 10 dialects have been evolving in Egani, they are still spoken by quite a few people in every region. They are close to Eganian but with significant variants of accent and vocabulary. We can group them into two categories :

  • the northern group - mostly similar to Eganian
  • the southern group - with more differences

Other dialects have Sathrian origins in the Northeastern part of the country.

The dialects from the northern coast of the lake (1 and 2 on the map) evolved into modern Eganian language during the past 200 years. It is now spoken everywhere across the country.


Eganian is mainly spoken in Egani (and its overseas regions) and Niscavo. Eganian language is spoken by 98% of the population in Egani and by 79% in Niscavo. It is also spoken by about 1.2 million Eganian people working or studying abroad. There are strong Eganian communities in Sathria, Antharia and Pohenicia, and also smaller ones in Ataraxia and Castellán.



Two alphabets can be used to write Eganian :

Eganian Alphabet

Generally called "Benosa", it is a 24 letters alphabet that have been used since the latest period of ancient times in the Eganian peninsula. It originated in the East of Egani and was used by the main part of the population of this area during the middle ages. It almost disappeared in the 15th and 16th centuries as it tended to be replaced by the Romantish alphabet, it was then only used by the nobles. It is now known by every Eganian person and it is taught and used in schools. Nowadays, it is mostly used in poetry or to write greetings in texts. Many brands and shops also use it for their names and logos. The majority of letters are different from the romantish alphabet's letters.

Modified Romantish Alphabet

The Romantish alphabet is more used by the population. But 2 letters are not the same : P and R. And the letters C, H, Q and W don't exist. Nowadays, many young people like to write using a mix of both alphabets. It is not well seen and mostly used for text messages and graffitis.

Pronounciation of the Eganian language
Modified Romantish Alphabet Pronunciation Example Notes
Aa a alema = forest
Bb b beblodek = library
Dd d don = big river
Ee e (inside a word)/ ə (end of a word) nele = water this letter can have diacritics
Ff f lifai = vertical/high
Gg ʒ (before e,i,u,ô)/ g (before o, a and y) ges = soil

apogos = evening

Hh xl̥
Ii i lini = lake
Jj j nesjel = islet
Kk k kento = center
Ll l ale = tree
Mm m
Nn n
Oo o this letter can have diacritics
Pp p
Rr ɾ
Ss s / ʃ (before t)
Tt t
Uu u
Yy ʉ
Vv v
Xx ʃ
Zz z

Specific pronunciation

Eê Eě Oô

IPA table

IPA Examples in Eganian Examples in Ingerish
b banki boy
ð dakopsin this
ʒ gena, gôrgem measure
f fan face
ɡ grafet good
x harakteristiki hat
k kanas skip
l lejas love
m maska moon
n nuvem name
p pol span
r rel, lodra curd (Scottish (?) Ingerish)
s sfairê sun
ʃ xetrem, mixn, kefalisti shape
t tei stop
chenai choose
v vloa voice
z zakaro zone
ps ψili psychology
IPA Examples in Eganian Examples in Ingerish
a ar roughly like father
e eses roughly like bet
ə nele, kěnal about
i iperio beet
ɨ esyn roses
o osma law (Pretanic Ingerish)
u ulano fool
IPA Examples in Eganian Examples in Ingerish
j iasupa, gaidera, tei, jesdes you or boy
w esemuas, auto wine or cow
e̯a girkea short e followed by full a; similar to yard
Other symbols
IPA Examples Explanation
ˈ galatsi [ga'latsi] Primary stress (placed before the stressed syllable)
. faet ['] Syllable marker, generally used between vowels in hiatus


Hellanesian branch of Uletharephian languages