Egyt Mountains

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The Mountains shown here in green travel the spine of Uletha. High Plateaus are in purple. Continental Divides are also listed.

The Egyt Mountains, or simply the Egyts, are a mountain range that runs approximately from north to south through Western Uletha, from the southern border of Bayland to the southern border of Sathria and northern Castellán. Their eastern side is usually considered the natural boundary between West and East Uletha. The mountains are 1143 miles in length.

The mountains lie within the Mid-Uletha geological uplift region and significantly overlap with the Great Rift Fault Zone and Egyt economic region. They are rich in various deposits, including metal ores, coal, precious and semi-precious stones. Until the the 5th century the mountains were a major economic, social, and trade boundary of Uletha.

The countries of Bayland, Kalm, Ísztianország, Sathria, Pretany, Mazan, and Garlis use the mountain range as a border. Garlis is the only country almost entirely within the mountainous zone. Pretany remained cut off from the western parts of Uletha until the trade city of Westward Gate allowed for massive trade routes through the mountain pass in the 5th century.