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Eirini Du Bois , born 1946, was the daughter of George Du Bois (1932 - 2008) from the so called "older" line of the family, founded by Jerome Du Bois (1790 - 1867), the first president of Latina. Father and grandfather were not ernestly political active, but she lives in her childhood in the family domain in Du Bois City and so she has early a political feeling.

As she was 17, she goes to the university of Cordoba to study law and oeconomics. Here she meet the then 22 years old George Kwatucauca or Sietecastors (seven beavers) and her thinking gets the oekologic drive to clear water, clear food, shelter for the woods and animals. 1967 she was one of the founder of the "green" party in Latina. Her money too was welcome to the new organisation. George Sietecastors was 1970 one of the first 4 members of the "green" party in the Cortes of Latina.

Since 1974 she too was elected in the Cortes for the province of Sierra San Gabriel, since this time living in Vacano (Sierra San Gabriel). With her in the family unusual opposite political activities she was some years the black shep.

But 1980 she was the only one, who has the knowing and the connections, to fish her cousine Evelyne Du Bois out of the proletarian anmusement-quarter at the "objetos perdidos", the now reurbanisized slum of that time. As a mother with child both go from Van Pelt with a ship to Cascande. So the family opened his arms and George Kwatucauca had some occasions, to speak in the calme athmospere of the familian background with some leading members of the family over the oecologic aspects in theyr politic work.

Her main opinion in the parlament was a better shelter for animals. She initiasised as her greatest success the law about the pigs on the farms with the right, to run free - the so called "Eirini-law". From this time she has the nickname "Mother of the pigs". After that the price for pig-meat is doubled, but the meat is better as before. Pig meat from other countries must have a label, that the pig could run free. In other case it is illegal, to sell it in Latina and it is consequently send back.

Also she was active in the question of townish animal shelters. So every town now has shelters with greater place for the animals and there sheltered pets, to run free.

After the death of the next member of that gremium, Eirini Du Bois has a good chance to take a place in the Senat of Latina. May be, she there is the successor of one liberal or conservative member of her own family.

Eirini Du Bois is since 1967 married with George Kwatucauca, an indigen man. This was not a great problem with the family, because the indigene princesse Nita-palaka 400 years ago was member of the dynastiy. Both have two sons, born 1968 and 1972, living under the name Sietecastors. Georg Kwatucauca was died 2001 in the Area Sur as he tried to realise his boy-dream, to kill a mountain-leopard only with knife and spear.