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Map of Elgin County within Sierra.png

Elgin County is a county in the F.S. state of Sierra. Elgin County is located in southeastern Sierra, bordering both Riopoderos and Apawiland. It has an area of 12522.96 km² and population of 63,200.


Elgin County was created in 1913, when the Native Territory was abolished.


The county seat is Vilsack, which has some 7800 inhabitants. Vilsack is known for its casinos, attracting people from eastern Sierra and across the state border in Apawiland. The mos populous city is Castleton. It is one of the biggest skiing destination in the FSA. Other communities include Petunia, Lovell, Leamy and the eastern half of Brack.


The major highway in the state is the S-7. The state operates a number of county roads, and has several intrastates.

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