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Republic of Eltenesse
Republika Eltenskej
[[File:Eltenesse flag.png|125px|alt=Flag]]
CapitalHirai City (Hiraj)
Largest cityCapital
Official languagesElteni, Ingerish
 • Regional languagesFranquese, Kaszinski (Dialekt)
GovernmentParliamentary republic
 • PresidentMichał Krawczykowski
 • Prime MinisterAndrzej Chwesiuk
 • Estimate (2017)x
CurrencyEltenskej Złoty
Drives on theright

Eltenesse, officially the Republic of Eltenesse (Elteni: Republika Eltenskej), is a country on the South-Eastern Coast of Antarephia, bordered by Nalkor-Kochi to the North-East, Lossira to the West and The Scientific Free States to the south, as well as Surabonia and AN153a to the East. The capital and largest city is Hirai City.

Eltenesse is somewhat sparsely populated. Most Elteni people live in the Capital, Hirai City, Rodzianko City or the Greater Twin Cities Metropolitan Area (Novigrad City and Solituda)


Eltenesse, up until 1991 was regarded as a communist dictatorship, being ruled by Henryk and Magdalena Kaczorowczyk under the Elteni Communist Party after a coup d'état in 190x from the previous Kornwalia Monarchy in the capital, Rodzianko City. A new government was established in the new capital city of Novi Grad, but it was moved to Hirai City in 19xx following a civil uprising, where most of the city was burned. Protesters and people who were against the government were thrown in special correctional facilities. Many citizens of Eltenesse were not permitted to leave the country unless they had a valid reason permitted by the government.

Administrative Divisions in Eltenesse

In Eltenesse, the country is divided into regions known as Województwo (Ingerish: Voivodeship, Province) and City Districts. Voivodeships are divided into Powiats (Counties).

List of Voivodeships

Abbr. Name Population Capital Cities
DSE Eltenskie Capital District (Dzielnica Stolica Eltenskej) 4,521,500 Hirai City
ST Starcin (Województwo Starcinskie) 6,012,880 Rodzianko City
KW Kievnec (Województwo Kiewneckie) 1,728,800 Siematyn Trybucinski (Sejmik) Rochester (Voivode)
DN Novigrad District (Dzielnica Nowygrada) 1,815,630 Novigrad City
DC Dabrochatov (Województwo Dąbrochatówskie) 408,490 Zielony Kanion
GO Gaurand-Ostroclavek (Województwo Gąranskej-Ostrocławeckie) 2,962,440 Piekary Gąranskej
WP Greater Piekary (Województwo Wielkopiekarskie) 4,756,410 Solituda
ZE Western Eltenesse (Województwo Zachodnioeltenskie) 272,150 Konwourlesa
ARK Autonomous Republic of Kashinska (Autonomiczna Republika Kaszińska) 2,781,760 Kyennsha

Urban Demographics

Largest Cities measured by Proper City population

City Population
1 Hirai City, DSE 4,321,000
2 Rodzianko City, Starcin 3,987,600
3 Solituda, Greater Piekary 1,872,330
4 Novigrad City, Novigrad District (Nowygrada) 1,779,620
5 Kyennsha, Kashinska 1,490,290
6 Cheydinhal Kaszinskiy, Kashinska 977,200
7 Piekary Gąranskej, Gaurand-Ostroclavek 842,305
8 Ostrocławek, Gaurand-Ostroclavek 818,000
9 Siematyn Trybucinski, Kievnec 512,090
10 Rochester, Kievnec 410,200

Largest Cities measured by Metropolitan Area population

Metro Area Population
1 Rodzianko City Metro, Starcin 4,721,000
2 DSE Metropolitan Area (Hirai City), DSE 4,480,000
3 Twin Cities (Novigrad City, Solituda), Greater Piekary 3,710,500



The road network in Eltenesse is the most funded transportation network in the country. However, it is far from perfect. No dual-carriageway spans the country from East-to-West, however, rural two-lane highways provide somewhat comfortable and safe travel. Speculated plans for a cross-country dual-carriageway have been thrown around in the government, but solid plans have yet to be revealed.


Motorways (Autostrady) have been under construction in the country since the late 1960's/early 1970's and are marked as AST (for example, AST 67, Autostrada Pomniejszy Eltenskej). City Motorways are usually marked with AST, followed by M, and a number. DSE does not follow this, as they have their unique system for highway identification. The LK system (LK abbreviated from Łączenie Kraju, meaning Linking the Country) connects urban areas to rural areas and is used for minor highways which have a city connection.

Roads are managed by the Eltenskej Zarząd Dróg (Elteni Road Authority). They have centres in every province and provide services such as driver's licenses and car registration. They are headquartered in Hirai City.

The National Speed Limit for Motorways and Major highways is 120 km/h, and 50km/h for urban/residential areas unless stated otherwise.