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13, -32.9627, 141.0851
L-R, T-B: St. Andrew's Church (1901); 19th century house (1882); construction of State Capitol (1964); Sierra Supreme Court in the 1920s (1922)
CountryFlag of the FSA.svg Federal States
 • StateFlag of Sierra.png Sierra
 • CountyMeseta County
 • MayorJoseph Reyes
Elevation1020 m
 • Estimate (2017)401,000

Elvira is a city in Meseta County, Sierra (Federal States). It is the second-most populous city in the state, and serves as both state capital and county seat. Elvira was founded in 1852 or 1853 and became the main town in the county after 1856. During the Lola-Dennison conflict in the mid-1860s, Elvira's politicians and businessmen championed it as a viable alternative to either of those cities for both the vital future railway station and perhaps even capital of the territory. By 1870 the railway committees chose Elvira and in 1871 was named a compromise capital, paving the way for statehood the following year.


The decision to route the Great Western and Asperic railroad through the town in the late 1860s became heavy impetus to award the capital of the proposed state of Sierra to Elvira. In 1869 the first university in Sierra, the University of the State of Sierra (now Sierra State) was founded from a state grant. The gold rush of 1874 did not initially reach the Elvira area (most was found west of Dennison), but gold veins found in the Colurona Canyon area in 1877 brought lots of wealth to the city until most dried up in 1879. For a while at the end of that decade Elvira was the richest city in the state.

Historic monuments

Well known buildings in Elvira include:

Elvira is also known for its late 19th century houses, built during and after the gold rush.