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10, -36.2598, 162.2900
State of Elway
FlagState Seal
"United Cities and Towns"
Constituent state ofFlag of the FSA.svg Federal States
CapitalBronson City
Largest citySan Bruno
 • GovernorMax Moreira
 • Vice GovernorSteve Ramos
 • Estimate (2020)1.331.700
GDP (PPP)2020
 • Total$
 • Per capita$
TimezoneWUT +9

Elway is a constituent state in the Federal States of Archanta, located in the Northeast Region at the Ardentic Ocean. It is one of the smallests states in the country.

The largest city of the state is San Bruno while the state's capital city is Bronson City. The state is divided in 6 counties.


Official and Unofficial Elway Symbols
The official coat of arms of Elway is an yellow star inside a blue circle, bordered by two orange leafs and a stripe with the name of the state. This badge is used in official stuff, as all the county flags in the state, but also is largelly used the "Elwayan Skyline".

This "unofficial" picture consists in a blue figure showing, from left to right, four pine trees, five skyscrapers, one boat and two waves, representing the geografical diversity of the state.

The "Elwayan Skyline" is used, as example, in the soccer team jersey and the gridiron team helmet, but also in official stuff sometimes, like the state car plate.


Culture and general notes

Ethnicities and Languages

Elwayan is a mixed people. Around 35% of the people is from castellanese origin ("castellanics").

Ingerish is spoken by 100% of elwayan people as main language, but at least 20% of the people speaks castellanese fluently or at home as second language.


Elwayan people usually is religious. In last census, 80% of elwayan people was declared as christic (55% of them are protestantistic and 45% are ortholic), 15% other religions and only 5% atheists.


The music scene is strong in San Bruno. The city is home to some rock and metal bands, like Black Sedan (hard rock) and Main Sidekicks (alterna-rock), but recently the hip-hop movement is increasing in the city last years.

There are some music clubs, studios and lifestyle stores in The Piers area, to both rhythms.

The famous rapper J-Son keeps a Full-o-muny manufacturing area in northwestern San Bruno, producing clothes and other stuff to hip-hop lifestyle.


Currently, some companies keeps headquartes in Elway, like Avispa (insurance) and No-Name-Yet Company (tbd), but Venita Motor Company (cars) stills is the most important industrial complex in Elway.


Elway is located on the coast of the Ardentic Ocean and is bordered by AR120-22 to the south and west, and by Laine to the north. State is made of coastal plains but the far western part of Elway consists of foothills. Along the coast, there are some famous sandy beaches.

State Parks


Administrative divisions

EYflag.png Administrative divisions EYflag.png
State County City/Town (Population) Mapping/ Link Notes
EYflag.png Elway, EY
  • (1.331.700)
7band aberdeen.png Aberdeen, EY
  • (16.116)
  • Unknown Flag.png Payne, (9.009)
  • Unknown Flag.png Bragantine, (1.673)
  • Unknown Flag.png Bennett, (1.124)
  • Unknown Flag.png Mallory, (1.656)
  • Unknown Flag.png Clarkson, (2.654)
  • Seat of the county.
  • Rural town.
  • Rural town.
  • Rural town.
  • Rural town.
7band augusta.png Augusta, EY
  • (632.293)
  • Unknown Flag.png San Bruno, (323.566)
  • Unknown Flag.png San Bruno Beach, (95.323)
  • Unknown Flag.png Walterham, (7.423)
  • Unknown Flag.png Rockwell, (66.034)
  • Unknown Flag.png Dartford, (90.546)
  • Unknown Flag.png Corrado, (28.523)
  • Unknown Flag.png Sudbury, (48.044)
  • Unknown Flag.png New Castilla, (12.834)
  • The most populous city in the state.
  • Coastal area to San Bruno metro area.
  • Rural town.
  • Coastal town. Beaches.
  • Known as "bed-city" to San Bruno workers.
  • Small town between San Bruno-EY and Lundres-LN.
  • Beaches in the lagoon. Tourism.
  • Rural town. Castellanese influence.
7band maravista.png Maravista, EY
  • (434.201)
  • Unknown Flag.png Jamesville, (147.066)
  • Unknown Flag.png Warnes, (75.543)
  • Unknown Flag.png Fort Camden, (46.765)
  • Unknown Flag.png Eastwick, (59.654)
  • Unknown Flag.png Bidwell, (48.765)
  • Unknown Flag.png Fairplace, (36.408)
  • Unknown Flag.png no-name-yet, ()
  • Seat of the county. Second most populous city in the state.
  • Coastal town. Beaches.
  • Coastal town. Tourism.
  • Urbanized town.
  • "Bed-City" to Jamesville workers.
  • Rural Town.
  • (TBD)
7band midlands.png Midlands, EY
  • (40.076)
  • Unknown Flag.png Coleraine, (27.763)
  • Unknown Flag.png Cedar Hills, (1.567)
  • Unknown Flag.png Hakeman, (1.456)
  • Unknown Flag.png Brianstown, (5.455)
  • Unknown Flag.png Galloway, (1.567)
  • Unknown Flag.png Berea, (1.223)
  • Unknown Flag.png Londonberry, (1.045)
  • Seat of the county.
  • Rural town.
  • Rural town.
  • Rural town.
  • Rural town.
  • Rural town.
  • Rural town.
7band stockton.png Stockton, EY
  • (181.684)
  • Unknown Flag.png Bronson City, (101.275)
  • Unknown Flag.png Baldwin, (25.067)
  • Unknown Flag.png McJackson, (5.677)
  • Unknown Flag.png Palmira, (45.987)
  • Unknown Flag.png Campbelltown, (3.678)
  • Capital of the state.
  • State University.
  • Rural town.
  • Beaches. Tourism. Intl Speedway.
  • Rural town.
7band uplands.png Uplands, EY
  • (34.330)
  • Unknown Flag.png Frankfort, (25.097)
  • Unknown Flag.png Newberg, (2.198)
  • Unknown Flag.png State Line, (1.562)
  • Unknown Flag.png Brighton, (3.599)
  • Unknown Flag.png Wharton, (1.874)
  • Seat of the county.
  • Rural town. Road junction.
  • Rural town. State park.
  • Rural town. Lake resorts
  • Rural town. State park.

Public Services


Elway Public Service vehicles
The Elway State University (ESU) is located between Bronson City and Baldwin.

There is also San Bruno University (SBU) in San Bruno Downtown, another traditional in the state.

Still there are at least one Elementary and High School in each city, and several towns of the state.


There are Police Departments in all the county seats, and in some metropolitan towns.

The [ State Penitenciary Complex] is located near Coleraine, in Midlands County.

Health care



Elway Public Transportation vehicles
Despite the use of the same livery in all the state, the elwayan public transportation is managed by several Transit Authority.

Currently, the Transit Authorities operating in Elway are San Bruno Metro Area "(SBTA)", Capital Area "(CATA)", Midlands and Uplands "(MUTA)" and Jamesville "(JATA)".

These government organizations are able to rule the bus services, taxis, trams and also public parking.

Intercounty services, as some few bus routes, usually are managed by the Transit Authority of the most populous county. Also about routes to the counties with no active Transit Authorities.

Another service under the rules of a Transit Authorities is the register of license plates.

Operator Modal Type Ref. Location Capacity Notes
SBTA (San Bruno) Trams Depot A1 Downtown, San Bruno
SBTA (San Bruno) Bus/ Taxi Depot A2 [ XYZ, San Bruno]
SBTA (San Bruno) Bus/ Taxi Depot A3 [ XYZ, Dartford]
SBTA (San Bruno) Bus/ Taxi Depot A4 [ XYZ, Sudbury]
SBTA (San Bruno) Bus/ Taxi Depot A5 [ XYZ, Rockwell]
SBTA (San Bruno) Public Garage/ Parking P1 City Hall, San Bruno
SBTA (San Bruno) Public Garage/ Parking P2 Perimetral, San Bruno
SBTA (San Bruno) Public Garage/ Parking P3 no-name-yet
SBTA (San Bruno) Public Garage/ Parking P4 Canal, City Beach
SBTA (San Bruno) Bus/ Tram Terminal T1 Downtown, San Bruno
SBTA (San Bruno) Bus Terminal T2 San Bruno Beach
SBTA (San Bruno) Bus/ Tram Terminal T3 The Ferries
SBTA (San Bruno) Bus Terminal T4 [ ]
SBTA (San Bruno) Depot [ ]
SBTA (San Bruno) Depot [ ]
[ CATA (Bronson City)] Depot [ ]
[ JATA (Jamesville)] Depot [ ]
[ MUTA (Frankfort)] Depot [ ]


Bus is the main transportation in the main urban areas (San Bruno, Jamesville, Bronson City) and to their metropolitan towns.

Currently, Cheetah Bus operates interstate routes from/to San Bruno, Bronson City and Jamesville, and Fox Trails from/to Jamesville. Both companies keeps routes to Huntington, Stanton and several other cities in Federal States.


There is plans to a ferry route connecting north San Bruno to Lundres, in Laine state, but nothing is decided yet.


Currently there is only the James Moore International Airport serving all Elway state, but as this one is so close to main urban areas of San Bruno, the state government starts talkings to built a new one. The Elway International Airport will be located in a more central point to the state, close to Bronson City (the state capital) and not so far from San Bruno and Jamesville.

Is usual considering Bonnaventure Bay Intercontinental Airport in Boscaininfornio as serving Jamesville-EY.

Apex Air, Federal Airlines, FlySmart and Union Airways are currently operating flights to San Bruno.

Company To Notes
Federal Airlines, Union Airways Unknown Flag.png Huntington-CD/ Huntington Intl.
Federal Airlines NCflag.png Stanton-NC/ Stanton Intl.
Oakhillflag.png Aerwinya-OH/ Oakhill State
FlySmart Unknown Flag.png Minneuka-ME
FlySmart Flag of Sierra.png Dennison-SA via Unknown Flag.png Minneuka-ME
FlySmart FLAGTAU.png Jundah-TA/ JSI Airport via Unknown Flag.png Minneuka-ME
FlySmart Proposal astrasia1.jpg Andreapolis-AL/ Andreapolis Intl.
FlySmart Seneppi State Flag2.png Wallawaukee-SN/ Foley Fillmore via Unknown Flag.png Minneuka-ME
Unknown Flag.png St.Jacobs-GL/ St.Jacobs Intl


Elway state license plate
As the other transportation are not so usual to elwayan people, Elway is nationwide known as one of the states with busiest roads.

Elway is crossed by the federal motorways FS-9, with 98,3km from AR120-22 state line near Jamesville-EY to Laine state line near Corrado-EY, and FS-11, with 71,5km from AR120-22 state line near Frankfort-EY to Laine state line near New Castilla-EY. Also the FS-511 branch with 42,7km from [ near Payne-EY] to [ Bronson City-EY], crossing the state.

Federal Highways

Federal highways are high-capacity roads that are paid for by the federal government but maintained by the Elway Department of Roads. Instead of intersections, only on/off ramps exist for access.

Ref Type Beginning End Length (mi/ km) Notes
 FS-9  Motorway near Jamesville-EY near Corrado-EY 61mi/ 98,3km Coastal Federal
 FS-11  Motorway near Frankfort-EY near New Castilla-EY 44,4mi/ 71,5km East Coast Motorway
 FS-511  Motorway Bronson Beach-EY Payne-EY 24,9mi/ 40km Mid State Thruway/ The Federal Connector
 FS-311  Motorway tbd tbd tbd tbd

State Highways

Elway state highway shield
State highways are state-owned and operated highways in the state of Elway. The main ones are inter-county, but also there are some few main highways inside a county. These ones are numberer under "EY-X" series.
Ref Type Beginning End Length (mi/ km) Notes
 ★EY-1  Primary Warnes-EY San Bruno Beach-EY 48,4mi/ 78km Coastal Highway
 ★EY-2  Primary Warnes-EY Frankfort-EY mi/ km Western Connector
 ★EY-X1  Primary FS-9/ Corrado-EY Allen-EY 10mi/ 16km Bayside Road
 ★EY-X2  Secondary Dartford-EY Walterham-EY mi/ km '
 ★EY-X3  Secondary Dartford-EY New Castellan-EY mi/ km '
 ★EY-xx  Primary [ ] [ ] mi/ km '
 ★EY-xx  Primary [ ] [ ] mi/ km '


The GESF (Great Eastern and Stanton Folkstone Railway) currently operates the only railway route crossing Elway state. The company keeps a rail yard in West San Bruno. There are rail stations in Bronson City and San Bruno.



Elwayan people likes sports very much. Baseball is the most popular sport, and there are several ball fields in almost all urban parks in the state.

Team Notes
San Bruno Speedster


  • Name: San Bruno Speedster
  • City: San Bruno-EY
  • since: 1975
  • Ground: StateStar Ball Park (45.500)
  • Notes:
    • San Bruno Speedster is a professional baseball franchise, based in San Bruno downtown.
    • The Speedsters plays in the top tier of the national league, as a member of the Eastern Division.
    • Naming rights arena to (TBD)
Midlands Aces


  • Name: Midlands Aces
  • City: Bronson City/ Campbelltown-EY
  • since: 1990
  • Ground: [ (TBD) Field (25.500)]
  • Notes:
    • Midlands Aces is a professional baseball franchise, based in Bronson City.
    • The Aces plays in a minor national league, as a member of the Eastern Division.
    • The franchise was created in Campbelltown-EY, but moved to Bronson City in 2001.
    • The former ground in Campbelltown still is under control of the franchise, as a training center.

Youth State League

Team Colours Ground Notes
Rockwell Tsunami
Bay Town Vipers Bay Town Ball Fields
Midlands Aces Campbelltown Field


Team Notes
San Bruno Tropicals


  • Name: San Bruno Tropicals
  • City: San Bruno-EY
  • since: 1957
  • Ground: Venita Field (50.200)
  • Notes:
    • San Bruno Tropicals is a professional gridiron team, based in southwestern San Bruno.
    • The Tropical plays in AGL (Archantan Gridiron League), the top tier of the national league, as a member of the Eastern Division.
    • Locally known as "Playeros" by the immigrant people in the state.
    • Initially the franchise name was "Destroyers", but as it was a reference to the naval base in Laine, local fans from Elway ask the franchise owner to change this name.
    • Naming rights arena to Venita (car manufacturer).
ESU Roadrunners


  • Name: Elway State University Roadrunners
  • City: Bronson City-EY
  • since: 1950
  • Ground: Lewis Sherman Stadium (10.000)
  • Notes:
    • The Roadrunners is the gridiron team representing the Elway State University.
    • The Roadrunners plays in the national unversity league, as a member of the Eastern Division.
    • Locally known as "Correcaminos" by the immigrant people in the state.


Team Notes
Elway Capitals


  • Name: Elway Capitals
  • City: Bronson City-EY
  • since: 1985
  • Ground: ESEBank Center (17.500)
  • Notes:
    • Elway Capitals plays in the top tier of the national league.
    • Not one the best ones, but usually in the playoffs.
    • It is located in Bronson City, the capital city of the state, away from San Bruno or Jamesville, both so much populous than Bronson City.
    • There are plans to a female squad in the near future, when the women national league decide to expand. The name of the female team will be choosen yet.
ESU Roadrunners


  • Name: Elway State University Roadrunners
  • City: Bronson City-EY
  • since: 1950
  • Ground: not-mapped-yet
  • Notes:
    • The Roadrunners is the gridiron team representing the Elway State University.
    • The Roadrunners plays in the national unversity league, as a member of the Eastern Division.
    • Locally known as "Correcaminos" by the immigrant people in the state.

Ice Hockey

Team Notes
Jamesville Mechas


  • Name: Jamesville Mechas
  • City: Jamesville-EY
  • since: 1957
  • Ground: ??? Arena (20.000)
  • Notes:
    • Jamesville Mechas is a professional ice hockey franchise, based in Jamesville.
    • The Mechas plays in a minor national league, as a member of the Eastern Division.

Football/ Soccer

Team Notes
Elway Sovereign/ Sirens


  • Name: Elway Soccer Club
  • City: Jamesville-EY
  • since: 1999
  • Ground: Maravista County Stadium (15.500)
  • Notes:
    • Both male and female Elway teams plays in the second tier of the national league.
    • Football (soccer) is not the most popular sport to elwayan people, but the franchise got so much fans in the immigrants communities (castillanese, brasonians, etc).
    • Despite major of the fans lives in San Bruno area, the franchise is located in Jamesville, southern Elway.
    • The male team is called "Sovereign" and the female one is "Sirens".

State League

Despite soccer/ football is away to be in the most popular sport to elwayans, can not say the same about immigrants. There are 16 teams (8 of them also with a female squad) playing in the semi-pro Elway Soccer State League. Usually the teams uses public fields to play.

Team Colours Ground Notes
ESU Warriors Elway State University, Bronson City-EY Keeps a female team
Inter San Bruno Red/ White Bay Town Ball Fields Keeps a female team
Dartford United FC Red/ White Keeps a female team
Jamesville Union SC  Blue   Gold  Keeps a female team
FC Brasonia Green/ White Green Point Park, San Bruno Beach-EY
Coleraine Forest Green/ White Keeps a female team
CF Castilla Red/ Yellow Keeps a female team
Bronson City Capitals Keeps a female team
Rockwell Sharks Blue/ White
SC Bidwell
Frankfort Black/ Red Keeps a female team
Corrado Bravos Black/ White
Payne Black/ Yellow
Bronson City Amigos
Frankfort Road Wolves Black/ Blue


The Elway International Speedway, a nationwide famous speeday complex, is located in the continental part of Palmira-EY.

Also, there is a [ "Figure 8 Raceway" in Payne-EY].




One of the most important swimming centers in all Federal States, San Bruno National Swimming Center, is located in San Bruno Beach. Usually it is used by the national Geolympic Commitée as headquarter. (TBD)

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