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Emilia Airlines
FoundedJanuary 1st, 1970 (As Esthyran Airlines)
July 2nd, 1941 (As MG Esthyra Airways)
Commenced operations1942
Operating basesSouthwest Kaspen Intercontinental Airport
HubsAbralona-Paglobeclaca Airport
Frequent-flyer programEmilians
Fleet size50
Parent companyMetropolitan Global 90%
Government of Esthyra 10%
HeadquartersSouthwest Kaspen Intercontinental Airport, Erilyn City, Esthyra flag.svg Esthyra
Esthyran Airlines renamed Emilia Airlines in July 1st, 1996.

Emilia Airlines is the flag carrier of Esthyra. It is a member of the Geolliance code-sharing alliance.


Metropolitan Global, as one of the biggest holding corporations in eastern Uletha in the beginning of the 20th Century, decided to invest in the transportation of the region. On July 2nd, 1941, the MG Esthyra Airways (MGEA) was founded, and the company began operation in 1942 using the East Erilyn Aerodrome. Short-haul routes between Midistland and Esthyra were made.

In 1945, MGEA received government funds to execute the Hikari no Sato secret plan, an effort to bring political refugees from Belphenia into safe countries. MG Cards, Metropolitan Global's credit card division, opened offices in Belphenia in order to facilitate the plan. Under the disguise of "conducting money transfers between countries", these offices secretly issued tickets and immigration documents to refugees, who were then transported to MGEA planes that flew monthly between Nomike and East Erilyn, as Nomike Wilderness was not discovered by the Volkman regime. The mission ended in 1960 due to local conflicts.

In 1961, routes to Ispelia were established. However, in 1965 Metropolitan Global deemed the business unprofitable and wanted to cease airline operation, as most people would rather take the train to Bend and fly from Bend Este-Gran. After failures in restructure efforts, the airline ceased operation in 1968. The government of Esthyra was forced to purchase the whole company from Metropolitan Global and renamed the company to Esthyran Airlines in 1970. After the renovation of domestic airports and the expansion of international destinations, the airline was successful to turn a profit. Metropolitan Global bought back 90% of the company in 1988.

To attract more people, Esthyran Airlines hired a resident who was a Belphenian refugee rescued by MGEA in 1949 as PR Manager. In 1992, Esthyran Airlines was nicknamed "EmiliAir" with the slogan "Your Fairy in the Sky". EmiliAir was known for the cutey uniform for flight attendants. In 1996, the company was officially renamed Emilia Airlines.


Aircraft # In service # Orders Note
SAI 210 15 0 For regional services
Watanabe W29-G 15 0 For regional services
Watanabe W39-A 20 0 For long-haul services, sometimes used in regional services
MIC M800 20 0 For long-haul services
SAI 410 0 5 For regional services
Watanabe W36-C/ER 0 5 For long-haul services


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