Emilio Expedonso

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Emilio Expedonso was gouveneur of the castellan colony of Latina 1623 to 1633. He was born 1578 in Saguset as son of a sailor and itself sailor til 1604. After a military carriere of eleven years he was working in the royal colonial office since 1613. His military skills was the most important aspect, that he get gouveneur in May 1623 - meanwhile old 45 years. His important work was to defeat the pirates in the Bahia Latina, hidden in the swamps of Belsante. After some small actions with changing sucsess he can realisize the plan for a final solution of this problem with special money from the motherland.

With 43 ships he start his raid in December 1632 from Saguset. On his trail to Belsante he cleaned up some smaller pirate-nests at the coast. Then he set his ships in position in front of Belsante and bringing up some pirate-ships, which was so unfortunate, to fall in his hands. All of them are killed, to set a signal. After this demonstration he let say: "Who capitulate, can have 5 years in jail and thereafter can be a free man - who not, will be killed." This advice brings him 230 prisoniers, but the hard kernel of the pirates show him the cold shoulder.

At 9th of February 1633 he start the fight in the canals of Belsante and the swampy hideaways of the pirate-leaders. Three days later he was killed by a pistole-shot, but his man finished the started work to conquer Belsante and bring the area under the control of the colony of Latina.