Empire's End

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13, 3.4116, 30.1949
Empire's End
Caitai (Sandrin)
Grant of Rights1958
CountryVodeo Flag.png Vodeo
 • Province28px Avalon
 • Territorial authorityFar North District
 • MayorStan Edmond
 • Census (2017)61,041
Postal Code0100-0104
Telephone Code02 10
Highways M1   C100 

Empire's End (Sandrin: Caitai) is the northernmost city in Vodeo and the sole city in the Far North region of Avalon. At the 2017 census, the city's population was recorded at 61,041, making it the third-largest city in Avalon and Vodeo's 19th overall. The city is located on the border with Serkan, and is around 12 kilometres (7 miles) south of Serkan City.